Top 10 American Billionaires

A bright idea can generate billions in revenue, as the list of top 10 American billionaires can prove.  Many of the billionaires on the list are popular for their creations, while others are popular for their frugality and smart investing.  A large percentage of the top 10 American billionaires are siblings that originate from large companies created in America.  Here is your list of top 10 American billionaires.

  1. Bill Gates is the creator of the popular Microsoft brand.  He is a self made American billionaire who dropped out of Harvard University.  Gates is the co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.  His estimated net worth is $54 billion.
  2. Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.  His investments and strategy of “Buy and Hold” have made Buffet an American billionaire valued at $45 billion.  He is 80 years old and is ranked as Forbes 33rd most powerful people in the world.
  3. Larry Ellison developed software and found the company Oracle.  Ellison is another college dropout on the American billionaire list.  He attended University of Chicago where he first encountered computer designing.  In 1970, he created a database program called Oracle which has earned him $27 billion.
  4. Christy Walton is the wife of John Walton.  John Walton was the son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.  Christy Walton is the richest female billionaire in America.  Upon John Walton’s passing, Christy Walton inherited his portion of Wal-Mart with an estimated worth of $24 billion.  She currently resides in Jackson, WY.
  5. Charles Koch is the CEO of Koch Industries which is the second largest privately held company by revenue in the United States according to Forbes magazine.  Charles Koch’s estimated net worth is $21.5 billion.
  6. David Koch is the brother of Charles Koch and executive vice president of Koch Industries.  He is the wealthiest American billionaire in New York City.  He is a major contributor to conservative political movements and is linked to the American Tea Party movement.  As co-owner of Koch industries, David Koch has an estimated net worth of $21.5 billion.
  7. Jim Walton is the youngest son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.  Jim Walton is an American billionaire with a net worth of $20.1 billion.  He is current the chairman of Arvest Bank.  Arvest Bank is a financial institution with branches in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.
  8. Alice Walton is the daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.  Alice Walton’s brothers and sisters have inheritance tied to the Wal-Mart company.  This inheritance attributes to their place on the American billionaire list.  Alice Walton’s net worth is $20.1 billion.
  9. Samuel Robson Walton is the eldest son of Sam Walton.  Rob Walton received his Juris Doctor degree from Columbia University School of Law in 1969.  He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Wal-Mart.  This hard working American billionaire has a net worth is $19.7 billion.
  10. Michael Bloomberg is the 10th richest billion in America.  He is the founder of the Bloomberg Company and currently holds 88 percent ownership.  This American billionaire currently services as the Mayor of New York City as of January 1, 2002.  In his role as a public servant, Michael Bloomberg’s net worth is $18 billion.
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