Top 10 American Indie Bands

Independence is what the American scene is all about, and these acts, the top 10 American indie bands around at the moment, really capture that essence.

  1. Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes tops our list of the top American indie bands with their blatant soulfulness, powerful lyrics, and unabashed revival of interest in the folk genre within the indie scene.
  2. The Gossip. Disco meets punk in the form of the energetic trio the Gossip, which is one of the best live bands we’ve seen in recent years.
  3. Converge. Converge play high energy hardcore punk, and will motivate even the most devout hippie to jump into the mosh pit.
  4. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. This crazed American indie band from California plays a bizarre, but potent mixture of folk, punk, and disco all mixed up at once.
  5. Jucifer. Jucifer’s sound is always diverse, at one moment sludgy metal, at the next moment lilting pop, a la Belly.
  6. Salem. We might not know who they are, they’re deliberately mysterious, but Salem’s warped electro pop beats position them firmly on any list of the top American indie bands active at the moment.
  7. The Raveonettes. This indie pop duo has crafted a number of memorable tunes over the years, including our personal favorite, “Dead Sound.”
  8. Flaming Lips. No account of the American indie band scene is complete without the fantastic Flaming Lips, who have been going at it strong since 1983.
  9. RTX. Formed from the ashes of Royal Trux, the gravelly-voiced singer and model Jennifer Herrema heads up this butt-kicking rock n’ roll outfit that’s like all the best sounds of ‘80s heavy metal on overdrive.
  10. Pavement. American indie band lovers the world over were thrilled to hear that Pavement had reuited in 2010. Let’s hope the reunion holds out! Their album “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” is a masterpiece.
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