Top 10 Anime Movies Of All Time

Regardless of whether you are an anime loving nerd or just an occasional viewer, the following is a list of the top 10 anime movies of all time that will appeal to everyone. Anime has become a household word, understood by not just basement dwelling nerds anymore. People understand what it is, and haven’t been able to avoid at least passing by "Dragon Ball Z" a couple of times or bumping into a "Naruto" dork on the street.

  1. "Akira" The quintessential anime movie. Anyone will tell you that this movie changed what it was to be an anime movie. It made everything adult. It made things change from being a cool cartoon to a drugged up gang mess.  
  2. "Totoro" If someone told you there was a movie where almost nothing happened, that a couple of kids ran around the woods and played with some imaginary mice with scenes that can only be described as ‘waiting in the rain for the bus’ and ‘finding a dust mite’, you certainly wouldn’t think it’d be the second best in the top ten anime movies of all time. But this does it. It is amazing, and you can tell by all the merchandise they’ve managed to sell.  
  3. "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" A modern film, released only 4 years ago, it takes on the theme of “Normal girl who can do something really crazy” and explores what a normal high schooler would do if she could rewind her time. Extra points given for being such an unexpected ending.  
  4. "Princess Mononoke" Ghibli pulls together another classic with this beautifully drawn, extraordinary story. The story demonstrates very well how the Japanese feel about nature and war all while keeping an interesting story going, easily making this an amazing anime movie.  
  5. "Cowboy Bebop" Cowboy Bebop made an anime fan out of people who hadn’t seen a cartoon in forty years. With its excellent story, wonderful voice actors, and beautiful music, the series won over a huge audience stateside. Unlike a lot of anime movies based on series though, this was a classic. It broke the stereotype of good anime produces shit movies.  
  6. "The Grave of the Fireflies" Do you want to cry? Do you want to just cry and cry? As an American, do you want to feel awful about war? Well this is a good film to sit down and watch. It’s hard to watch, but a great representative of all the anti-war films Japan produces. Definitely worth seeing.  
  7. "Perfect Blue" A psychological thriller that is a classic you can’t deny. Anyone who has seen it can’t deny just how creepy the film is and how it takes you to new levels of mind f*ck. The music is wonderful and it’ll take a while for you to be able to sleep soundly again.  
  8. "Ghost in the Shell" A classic. The Matrix anime films. And by that, what I really meant to say is that the guys who made the Matrix definitely watched this first. The future, robots and questioning existence. That’s what you’ll find in this masterpiece.  
  9. "Vampire Hunter D" This movie is a good demonstration of what makes a character awesome in anime. Long sword, mysterious past, stretched features, powers that no one really understands, it’s all there in D. He’s not only a badass, but also does some crazy awesome stuff with a story that makes you want more and more badass-ery. Definitely worthy of being on the list for top ten anime movies of all time.  
  10. "Ninja Scroll" A very violent and vulgar film, but most people cut their teeth on it. It’s a great introduction into how anime isn’t just a bunch of cartoons for kids. A classic and what most teenage boys will tell you is what anime is all about. It isn’t. But it’s certainly a good action/blood/gore movie, and if that’s your thing, this is the one for you.  
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