Top 10 Best Indie Rock Videos

What are  the 10 best Indie Rock videos? That is certainly a difficult list to come up with, given the fact that the term Indie Rock covers a wide variety of bands, music styles and levels of popularity.  It is a difficult list to come up with because most Indie Rock bands are associated with the current era of rock music, which has seen waning interest in the music video, or at least the lack of one stream lined location for a person to view a music video.  Rather than remaining big events and productions as they once were, Indie Rock bands tend to film or have their music videos filmed in a more raw, on the fly style. Despite these changes in the music video medium, there remain certain music videos that fall into the Indie Rock video category that are superior to others.

  1. The Strokes "Last Nite" This Indie Rock video is a study in simplicity.  All that it consists of is the band playing on what appears to be a 1970s inspired TV set.  The filming is also slightly blurred, as if the video were taken during the late 70s or early 80s.  As simple as the video is, it launched a decade of pants getting tighter and rock music becoming younger and younger and more creative  and more creative.  This is the band and the video that were used as the jumping off point.
  2. The Replacements "Bastards of Young" One of the original Indie Rock bands, this video captures the Replacements perfectly.  The video, is a still shot of a stereo playing the song "Bastards of Young." Genius. Pure Replacements.
  3. White Stripes "Fell In Love With a Girl" The song and video that made the White Stripes semi household names. Meg and Jack are rendered in Lego form as they play their blistering single.  One of the most original and popular Indie Rock songs.
  4. Beck "New Pollution" The man who brought Indie Rock to the masses with one of his most popular songs. In this video, Beck plays the role of 60's pop star as his band plays along behind him, replete with back up, swinging 60's dancers. Beck even showcases some of his terrific dance moves towards the end. This makes it one of the top five Indie Rock videos of all time.
  5. The Hives "Hate to Say I Told You So" Like the video for "Last Nite," this video evokes the filming of the late 70s and early 80s.  The Hives are dressed in their typical black and white and rock out with pure energy. Straight forward, just like the attitude the band brought when they first came out.
  6. Pavement "Cut Your Hair" The quintessential Indie Rock band with their most popular song.  The band goof around as they sit in a barber shop, taking turns getting their hair cut.
  7. Fiona Apple "Not About Love" Fiona Apple and Zach Galafinakis act out a tempestuous love affair in the video for Fiona's moody, piano driven song from 2005.
  8. Spoon "The Underdog"   One of the most successful Indie Rock bands with one of their most popular songs. A clever video that follows a producer around the studio as the band records the song marachi band, tambourine player and all.
  9. Blitzen Trapper "Furr" This clever video from 2008 features cut-outs of the band and woodland creatures acting out the folky song's tale of a boy who was raised by wolves. This video is the best Indie Rock children's book of all time.
  10. Dirty Projectors "Stillness Is the Move" Sexy female singers in shrouds.  Llamas being walked up a mountain, while a wolf looks on.  A lead guitarist rotating in the woods.  These are just some of the features of the video for "Stillness is the Move" by the Dirty Projectors. This video, which came out in 2009, features cinematic film quality and is a nice juxtaposition from the song's urban, neo soul, vibe. This video rounds out the top ten Indie Rock videos.

There you have the top ten Indie Rock videos of all time. Disagree with the order and rankings if you want, but you have to agree with the excellence of each of these songs.

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