Top 10 Best Movies of the ’90s

The best movies of the '90s are one of the only remnants of the decade that we can still relate to. The '90s were a simpler time. Michael Jackson was alive, Bill Clinton wasn't a racist, and most TV shows had "scripts" and "actors." But we in the current era do have one thing in common with our primitive, flannel-wearing brethren of the 90s: movies.

  1. "Goodfellas" Who hasn't wanted to be a gangster for as long as they can remember? Martin Scorsese's mob epic shows both the glamour of being in the mafia, and the violence and loneliness – Henry Hill doesn't go out in a blaze of glory like Tony Montana or Cody Jarrett, but instead ends up languishing in the suburbs after ratting out on his friends.
  2. "Barton Fink" The Coen Brothers made a lot of movies that could be called some of the best movies of the 90s, and this one is as "pure Coen" as their movies get. On the surface, it's a comedy/drama about a New York playwright trying to make it in Hollywood, but it's also about fascism, serial killers, Hell, and man-on-man wrestling. Consider yourself intrigued.
  3. "Unforgiven" You want to know why Clint Eastwood is cooler than Sylvester Stallone? Watch "Unforgiven" and the new "Rambo" back-to-back. Clint is a stone-cold badass and Stallone looks like a defective action figure.
  4. "The Player"Hollywood is a dangerous place. That's especially true if your job in Hollywood is rejecting would-be screenwriters and keeping them from their dreams. "The Player," the best movie of the 90s about movies of the 90s, captures that danger perfectly, along with satirical jabs at how creativity and originality take a backseat to braindead commerce in the movie industry.
  5. "Ed Wood" The worst director ever made had one of the decade's best movies made about him. Johnny Depp adds another odd guy to his roster – this one likes to wear angora sweaters and suffers from the delusional belief that he's a brilliant filmmaker when actually he's…not. They say the title sequence alone cost more than all of the real Wood's movies combined, and you'll believe it after watching this.
  6. "Hard Eight" Good movies, in addition to being good, teach the viewer something valuable. In the case of "Hard Eight," the viewer is taught how to get comped hotel rooms and meals at casinos without actually gambling. You've gotta watch to find out how (waah!). Let us know if it actually works. Even if it doesn't, this debut effort from future-superstar Paul Thomas Anderson is worth checking out.
  7. "Jackie Brown" Not only is it one of the best movies of the '90s, it's got one of the best soundtracks of the '90s. Once you've spent some time hanging out with the low-level (and and in some cases low-competence) criminals in "Jackie Brown," you won't be able to think about the movie without a handful of great songs worming themselves into your ear.
  8. "L.A. Confidential" Have you ever heard anybody on TV talking about how the 1940's were a simpler, better time? Watch "L.A. Confidential" and chuckle to yourself about this falsehood. Can any era that contains brothels that employ Shirley Temple look-a-likes be a better simpler time?
  9. "The Big Lebowski" Another Coen selection. Basically, it's a marriage between plot-heavy detective thrillers and shaggy stoner comedies. It's also quite possibly the funniest movie ever made.
  10. "Eyes Wide Shut" No, this isn't a blatant attempt to russle up some contentious comments, we really think "Eyes Wide Shut" is one of the best movies of the '90s. Stanley Kubruck's final movie is a hypnotic meditation on sex and adultery. Also, it has one of the finest closing lines of any movie ever made. See it and you'll understand why we can't repeat it here.
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