Top 10 Best Music Videos Of All Time

With the glory days of music videos fading into history, these Top 10 best music videos of all time serve as a reminder that not all change is good. For music lovers, it's such a great added bonus to see what your favorite artists wanted you to get out of a song by seeing the video accompanying it. It's even just great to see your favorite band rocking out on a cliff while a hot model dances on a car. Music videos are not dead, but we all miss the days where you could turn on MTV and watch all the hair and the music whenever you wanted to. R.I.P. music videos. Here are the ten best.

  1. Michael Jackson: "Thriller." Played like a feature length horror film. Scary, fun, nearly perfect. If not the best, easily one of the best music videos ever made.
  2. A-Ha: "Take on Me." One of the first music videos that made people say, "Wow!" A comic book character takes a cute girl into a comic book? We'll watch that. A lot. One of the best music videos ever.
  3. Talking Heads: "Once in a Lifetime." David Byrne codirected and starred in this perfect music video. It's as odd as he is, and as good as the song is. It makes you wish the '80s were happening again right now. It also may make you wish that David Byrne never comes within 500 yards of you. "Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was!"
  4. Johnny Cash: "Hurt." The only thing better than the recording of Johnny Cash doing "Hurt" is this music video. Try to watch it and not feel emotional. It's brilliantly sang and the images are sad and haunting. You'll miss your deceased wife even if you've never been married. Awesome music video.
  5. Guns n' Roses: "November Rain." Even though when this came on and you'd seen it a couple of times already you had to find something to do for eight minutes, it is a great music video. It successfully tells a story, and the images are beautiful with the music.
  6. Nirvana: "Smells like Teen Spirit." Where are they in this video? Who cares. It's a scary place, but they're rocking. Hard. And we all wanted to change the way we dressed after watching it. Great music video.
  7. Smashing Pumpkins: "Tonight Tonight." Beautiful from start to finish. It's like a dream, and the song is great. The sets and the costumes are amazing. Everything about this one works.
  8. Foo Fighters: "Everlong." Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "The Science of Sleep") directed this great music video, and it captures what the Foo Fighters are: fun and easy to consume.
  9. Radiohead: "Paranoid Android." It's hard to choose the best Radiohead music video. This is the most memorable and entertaining. One of the best ever.
  10. Weezer: "Buddy Holly." What a great music video should be: pure fun.



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