Top 10 Best Pop Albums Of All Time

If you love to sing and dance to pop music, here are the top 10 best pop albums of all time for your perusal. Pop gets its name because it's so widely enjoyed, hence its original abbreviation is short for "popular." It's hard to resist a truly great pop song. On these albums, you'll find more than a couple of great pop songs on each album.

  1. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson is a masterpiece album from the self-proclaimed (and world-acclaimed) king of pop. This album set Michael Jackson into superstar status, and its memorable video of the title track is still considered to be one of the best music videos. Michael Jackson's untimely dead in the summer of 2009 is still being mourned by fans around the world and some of his best work is on this album.
  2. "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John was ahead of its time in music, arrangement and lyrics. Olivia debuted the album with a full makeover and she downplayed the obvious sensuality in its title track video by making it into an exercise video. "Physical" was one of the first albums to have a music video made for every one of its songs, and they were all shown on a television special made to celebrate the album's release.
  3. "Faith" by George Michael is another gem from the 1980's, perhaps one of the best decades for the debut of pop music sensations. George Michael was praised by fans and pop music critics, and his later scandals only slightly tainted his work in the court of public opinion. The song hits off this album, including "Father Figure" and "Faith," are still often heard today.
  4. "Abbey Road" by the Beatles rocks the pop music genre. This album gave the world some of the beloved hits from the most well-known pop band of all time. "Here Comes the Sun" from this album has been used in countless movies and television shows, and is considered by many to be the group's best work.
  5. "Control" by Janet Jackson is a euphoric, upbeat pop album that's an anthem to youth and freedom.
  6. "Like a Virgin" by Madonna showcases the dance music that first put her on the map. This album was greatly helped by MTV and the many music videos that were made from singles off the album, but the music is undeniably infectious, fun and well-crafted. Madonna has a notoriously strong work ethic, and the high quality of her music shows on this pop music album that stands out with the best of the best.
  7. "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morissette was the pop music debut of a great songwriter and singer. It was a courageous, bold and strong take on the pop music genre, filled with ballads and pop songs that steered away from traditional pop song subjects or provided a different take on them altogether. The most popular track from the album, "You Oughtta Know," is now the go-to break up song for angry women everywhere.
  8. The "Practical Magic" soundtrack married the talents of two pop greats: Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks. They collaborated on a songs for the film, and other pop greats are also included on the album, including Elvis Presley, Joni Mitchell, Faith Hill and Lisa Hall. Every song on the soundtrack is one to remember.
  9. "Justified" by Timberlake was the breakout album for Justin Timberlake. It was his debut apart from the group that brought him to fame, 'N Sync. It greatly benefited from the talented producers and collaborators, such as Timbaland. There were several hit songs from the album, including "Cry Me a River," which has often been cited as being about his break up with Britney Spears.
  10. "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears also has its own place in pop music history. Love her or hate her, it's undeniable that her music attracts millions of listeners and is an example of the success of pop music and its power over people's imaginations. Having had many world tours, Britney Spears is an enduring force in pop music, and this song was her debut. Its arrangement don't seem as manufactured as later albums, and it features some great, simple ballads, such as "Sometimes."
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