Top 10 Best R&B Songs of the ’80s

If you're looking for the 10 best R&B songs of the '80s, then look no further. Whoever says the '80s didn't have good music doesn't know what they're talking about, especially when it comes to good old R&B jams. Back in the 1980's, these 10 classic R&B tracks blazed the charts, boasted creative lyrics, mesmerized us with memorable rhythms, and got us out of our seats to dance. Take a trip down memory lane to reminisce in the greatness of classic '80s R&B music.

  1. "Sweetest Taboo" by Sade. This vintage Sade is a classic '80s R&B song about the hypnotic effects of a lover. Sade's impressive vocal delivery really helped influence this genre of music in the '80s as well as beyond that point. Where would the music industry be today without this unique and talented R&B singer?
  2. "Shower Me With Your Love" by Surface. This song was one of the most popular R&B ballads of the 1980's as well as one of the most highly successful crossover hits on the Hot 100 chart. Surface manages to get under your skin and into the innermost places of your heart by exploring the hopelessness and the dreams of finding true love.
  3. "Just Once" by Quincy Jones featuring James Ingram. Created by the legendary Quincy Jones and featuring James Ingram on lead vocals, 'Just Once' was one of his biggest hit singles and stands today as an R&B masterpiece of the '80s. The song examines the conflicts of relationships and inspires the strength to repair them.
  4. "Roni" by Bobby Brown. Released as the third single from Bobby Brown's iconic 'Don't Be Cruel' album, 'Roni' is an epic and lengthy blockbuster of an R&B classic. Equipped with a mesmerizing hook and heartfelt lyrics, Bobby Brown really sings his heart out on this song, making it a memorable R&B '80s hit.
  5. "Juicy Fruit" by Mtume. 'Juicy Fruit' was one of the funkiest hit R&B songs played throughout the '80s. Since then, this mid-tempo jam has become a huge staple for Hip Hop samples in recent years, ranging from 'Juicy' by Notorious B.I.G., 'Let It Go' by Keyshia Cole, to 'All About U' by 2Pac.
  6. "Kiss" by Prince. Known as one of Prince's biggest hits, 'Kiss' is a unique combination of funk, R&B, and soul. The song is still played fairly often at many nightclubs to this day. "Kiss" is a strange work of art, packed with an irresistible beat, sizzling hooks and vocals, and lots of funky guitar work.
  7. "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. "Billie Jean" was a hit dance-pop and R&B single from the early '80s, packing a very distinctive bass line and Michael Jackson's trademark vocal hiccups during the song. While the meaning of the lyrics still remain contradictory, it doesn't take anything away from this classic hit off of the "Thriller" album.
  8. "Every Little Step" by Bobby Brown. Bobby Brown struck gold again with another R&B hit right after 'Roni'. In addition to its massive success and recognition as a worthy R&B hit, this song launched a new era for the dancers of the nightclubs and schools at the time.
  9. "When I Think of You" by Janet Jackson. Ms. Jackson indulges herself in the fun and relief that she finds with a romantic partner on this hot R&B dance track from the successful 'Control' album. "When I Think of You" was one of Janet's first number-one hits, boasting an uplifting dance riff, incredible synthesizers, and soulful lyrics.
  10. "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" by Billy Ocean. Mr. Ocean takes a guy's fantasy involving fast cars and hot women and turns it into irresistibly danceable R&B jam. Straight off of the "License to Drive" soundtrack, "Get Outta My Dreams" is one roller coaster of an '80s R&B dance song.
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