Top 10 Best Subwoofers

The top ten best subwoofers should have the following in common; They give people that special, low-end sound that you hear so often in movie theaters, but that can only be reached with a dedicated, bass channel that is open. Good subwoofers also should plug in that elusive and missing element in your stereo system.

  1. Definitive Technology ProSub 800. This is the subwoofer to buy if you care about crossover as well as sound quality. With a balanced system, you're sure to enjoy the sounds.
  2. Onkyo SKW204 Bass Reflex Powered. One of the best subwoofers on our list, this Onkyo model has a 230 watt amplifier and a ten inch cone subwoofer. With all that power, you will get super sound quality.
  3. Yamaha YST-SW 315 Digital Pro Series. This Yamaha subwoofer employs the QD Bass technology. More than a tricky name, this technology endows this subwoofer with the ability to reverberate sound into four, alternate directions when playing from a single source.
  4. Sony SA-W3000 Performance Line. This subwoofer is all about performance. With a mica-reinforced, cellular woofer construction and motion feedback technology, this Sony subwoofer provides excellent value for the money.
  5. JBL ES250PBK 400 Watt High-Powered. This subwoofer equals deeper bass sounds with less turbulence. It accomplishes this by way of cellulose-fiber cones that have a uniform, pistonic gyration.
  6. BIC America V-1220 12 Inch 430 Watt. A deadly combination of a high current amplifier with a twelve inch driver makes for a good time watching videos, as port noise often heard is now a non-factor. It also comes with a down-firing, long-throw design.
  7. Polk Audio PSW 505. This subwoofer is outfitted with a twelve inch cone and also an MDF casing with a one inch baffle. With a power saving feature that turns the subwoofer on only when it recognizes a signal, this is a smart subwoofer.
  8. Kenwood KFC-W3011 1200 Watt 12 Inch. This Kenwood subwoofer is meant for you to crank it loud. With an excellent sound level at all volume notches, this subwoofer is your go-to model for parties and the like.
  9. Klipsch KSW-10 10 Inch 225 Watt. This Klipsch subwoofer comes with a ten inch, down-firing, fiber composite cone woofer. That basically means that this will ensure you maximum bass response as well as dependability.
  10. Mirage Omni S-8. This subwoofer features Mirage's own Ribbed Elliptical Surround feature. This means this subwoofer is built to reduce noise and reverberation for sweeter sounds.
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