Top 10 Best Video Games For Girls

At last, a  guide to the top 10 best video games for girls!

Twenty years ago, there was one simple rule: girls didn't play video games. Sure, there were exceptions, but they were few. Thankfully, in 2010, there are plenty of girl gamers, and the girls that aren't gamers are usually curious. So, what are the best games for girls? Look no further, because this is the list to top all lists:

  1. "The Sims." In terms of addiction, this game is essentially World of Warcraft for women. It's all about people and relationships. "The Sims" has no guns, no gore, and no reflex-based controls. Instead, it has love, puppies, homemaking, and fashion. On top of all that, it actually has excellent production values, too. Men beware: you might like this game.
  2. "Dance Dance Revolution." Girls like to dance. Thus, it comes as no surprise that DDR is a great game for girls. It's all about rhythm and movement, and, as a man, you get to watch.
  3. "Mario Kart." Believe it or not, girls everywhere love Mario Kart. Also, it's on four separate consoles, so if you have a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, a Gamecube, or a Wii (which can actually play all the console versions), you're all set. The Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS have their own versions of Mario Kart, too. So, next time you have three girls around, pop in some Mario Kart and see what happens.
  4. "Katamari Damacy." Girls don't know that they like this game, but that's only because they've never heard of it. It's a simple 3d game that brings enormous fun with easy controls. You roll a giant ball around a city a pick stuff up. What's not to love?
  5. "Wii Fit." Every girl is obsessed with fitness to some degree. In a smart move, Nintendo combined fitness with a video game and, to no one's surprise, it was a huge hit with females all over the world. Plus, you get to watch them as they work out, which is highly entertaining.
  6. "Farmville." If this was a ranked list, "Farmville" would be at the top, as it has more players than "World of Warcraft" (many of whom are girls). It's a deceptively simple farm-based game that encourages micro management and gift-giving. Also, it's free, and girls get to play it with all of their Facebook friends.
  7. "Wii Cheer." Really, it's closer to Wii Drill Team, but it's a great game nonetheless. Similar to DDR, Wii Cheer is a game about matching motions and rhythms to onscreen prompts. In this case, players use the Wii remote to mimic cheer moves. It's tons of fun… even for guys.
  8. "Rock Band." Girls like to sing, and, like everyone else, they also like to pretend to be rock stars. "Rock Band" offers and excellent multiplayer experience with everyone, whether male or female. The track list is mostly composed of (obviously) rock tracks, but with the recent expansion of "Country Rock Band," girls just can't get enough.
  9. "Tetris Party." This Wii game is all about multiplayer "Tetris," which is loved by boys and girls alike. This particular version allows players to use the Wii "Balance Board" to control the falling blocks, so if your girl likes "Wii Fit," she'll probably like this too.
  10. "Peggle." "Peggle" is something like a cross between "Pachinko" and "Puzzle Bobble." Currently, "Peggle" is available on PC, Mac, DS, iPod, and Xbox 360, so, if you are a gamer, you probably have access to the strangely simple and addictive ball-shooting game. It's a very casual experience, with sessions that can last as little as one minute, but there is plenty of "Peggle" for the hardcore, as it boasts some extremely difficult challenges.
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