Top 10 Best Will Smith Movies

Who doesn't love the top 10 best Will Smith movies? What actor has successfully portrayed a pilot, an attorney, a superhero, a professional matchmaker, a homeless dad and a damaged detective? He's a rapper, an actor, a husband, a dad, and seems like a generally likable dude, which explains his box-office draw.  Will Smith's characters are easily relatable to every man, making the best Will Smith movies great DVD picks any day of the week.

  1. "Independence Day"  "Independence Day" tops the list of best Will Smith movies because it is such a classic good-guy-versus-bad-guy (or rather alien) movie.  In “Independence Day”, Will Smith plays Captain Steve Hiller, who helps to save the world from some nasty aliens.  Funny, suspenseful, and awesome special effects make this movie his greatest…a bikini-clad Vivica Fox helps too.
  2.  "Men in Black"  In "Men in Black", Will Smith plays Agent J,  who has been recruited by a special government division to help to save the world from evil aliens. Tommy Lee Jones stars as his partner and the two make the perfect comedic alien crime-fighting team. Check out the sequel too, it is almost as good as the first one.
  3. “Hancock”  With a truly hilarious premise – a good yet so, so bad superhero –Hancock easily rises to the top (or near it) of the list of best Will Smith moves.  In “Hancock”, Will Smith plays John Hancock, a misguided, rough-edged superhero in dire need of a friend and a few manners. Sound like anyone you know?
  4. “Hitch” Stepping away from the action adventure scene into a romantic comedy role, Will Smith plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a suave matchmaker who soon needs to take a little of his own advice. “Hitch” is mildly hilarious, a little romantic – making it a good movie to see with your significant other – and an all around feel-good movie.
  5. “Wild Wild West” “Wild Wild West” is a hilarious take on the previous series by the same name. Smith plays the infamous James West in the movie. Great special effects and some stellar acting makes the movie one of Will Smith's best.
  6. “I, Robot”  In “I, Robot”, Will Smith plays Detective Del Spooner, a man who has a real vendetta against the wonderfully helpful robots of the future. Will Smith does a great job of portraying a paranoid, damaged detective in this adventurous movie set in the future.  
  7. “The Pursuit of Happyness” Serious and touching, “The Pursuit of Happyness” is a great inspirational movie. Christopher Gardner, Will Smith’s character in the movie, is trying to make a better life for himself and his son, but finds himself homeless and on the street.  Not the typical action adventure role that he usually plays, but still a great performance, easily making the list for one of the best Will Smith movies.
  8. “Seven Pounds”  The movie “Seven Pounds” makes the list of best Will Smith movies simply because of the surprise ending. Will Smith plays Ben Thomas in this sad and sentimental drama. Not his usual feel-good movie, but with his great acting, he can make even the most manly dramatic-movie hater love "Seven Pounds."
  9. “Enemy of the State” “Enemy of the State” is a solid dramatic thriller that is definitely worth watching. Starting with "Independence Day," Smith really carved out a nice place in the movie industry as a bankable action star. This best Will Smith movie only validates that role.
  10. “I am Legend”  Will Smith plays Robert Neville in this zombie thriller.   After an apocalyptic event, Robert Neville finds himself alone and isolated, and hunted by zombies. “I Am Legend” is last on the list of best Will Smith movies because the ending is a little hard to take.  Otherwise, the film is wonderfully suspenseful.
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