Top 10 Billionaire Mansions

With enough money to purchase mountains and place homes on top of them, just read about the top 10 Billionaire mansions. It's amazing that some have so much while others are trying to determine how to find their next meal. But life is not about fair. And this last decade has seen more people lose their homes and savings to other people than ever before. Some of these mansions are sitting empty for months on end. Others seem to be vying for the time of their owners while they dally between ten to twenty homes located throughout the world. 

  1. $56 Billion Dollar Mansion of Bill Gates. Built into the hillside located on the edge of Lake Washington, Bill Gates has a 66,000 square foot mansion that boast a sixty foot pool, an underwater music system and a dining room that is 1000 square feet. 
  2. $52 Billion Dollar Mansion of Warren Buffett. And here's a man who loves giving away money. The Warren Buffet mansion is located in Omaha, Nebraska. It is a 6,000 gray stucco home that was purchased for $31,500 in 1958.    
  3. $32 Billion Dollar Mansion of Lakshmi Mittal. Paying only $128 million for this mansion in 2004, the home has increased in value to it present value of $32 billion. This billionaires mansion is located in 'posh' Kensington neighborhood which bears the name of "Billionaires's Row." It has space for 20 cars in the huge garage and marble which came from the same supplier as the Taj Mahal.
  4.  $18 Billion Dollar Mansion of Paul Allen. Located outside of Seattle, Washington, Allen has a estimated wealth that is said to exceed the gross domestic product of most small nations. He prefers living in the same location where he grew up along with his mother. Allen is the owner of the Portland Trailblazers.
  5. $21.5 Billion Dollar Mansion of Larry Ellison. Located in Woodside, California, the mansion is a mega estate worth $21.5 Billion. It's thirty miles south of San Francisco and sits on twenty-three acres of land.  Some say it reminds them of a Japanese palace.    
  6. $15 Billion Dollar Mansion of Michael Dell. This 33,000 square ft mansion of one of the nations billionaires sits on a hilltop in the town where the Dell computer was founded. It's reported that Dell spent millions building the estate.
  7. $12 Billion Mansion of David Koch. The billion dollar mansion of David Koch is located at 740 Park Ave in New York, N.Y. The story is Koch bid 17 million for the eighteen room duplex and spent millions more in renovations.
  8. $8 Billion Dollar mansion of Sumner Redstone. It is reported that Sumner Redstone spent $15 million on this exclusive piece of property located in Beverly Park a gated community.  The home measure 15,000 square feet with a pool, three bedroom, tennis courts and much, much more.
  9. $5.5 Billion Dollar Mansion of Michael Bloomberg. A 75,000 square foot townhouse located in Downtown, New York on East 79th Ave. Known as Gracie's Mansion, this property is one of New York's finest locations and is only a few feet from Central Park.
  10. $5.7 Billion Dollar Mansion of Apple's Steve Jobs. Located in Woodside, California, he's known as the great overcomer and is the brain behind everything iPod. Jobs home is in renovation controversy. He wants to build a smaller home, but preservationist say "NO."
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