Top 10 Billionaire Toys

If you are fascinated by wealth, you should check out the top 10 billionaire toys in this article. When billionaires buy toys, it has nothing to do with necessity or investment, its purely for their enjoyment. Below is a list of the top 10 toys that billionaires enjoy.

  1. The most expensive car in the world. Billionaire and Sultan of Brunei is fond of cars; and owns the most expensive one in the world. The Sultan bought the "Star of India," a Rolls Royce convertible that once belonged to Maharaja of Rajkot; for which he paid $14 million.
  2. World War II planes. Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen owns a fleet of 20. He is a collector of planes from that era, and plans to restore his fighter fleet to their original factory condition.
  3. The world's biggest yacht. Russian billionaire and businessman Roman Abramovich paid $450 million for his toy. His yacht is equipped with a missile-detection system, a miniature submarine, a luxurious spa, and a swimming pool.
  4. Necker Island. Billionaire Richard Branson bought his own island. Branson bought the uninhabited 74 acre Caribbean getaway when he was 28, for between $100 thousand and $270 thousand. Necker island is now worth $60 million.
  5. A secret space rocket. Multi billionaire and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos owns a space rocket. Jeff plans to have his rocket be the first to carry humans 75 miles above the earth in a vertical position for three minutes, and return them safely.
  6.  A galactic spaceship. Billionaire Richard Branson spent $200 million for this toy. Branson's eight passenger ship will provide 6 minutes of weightlessness for those who are willing to spend $200 thousand for a ticket.
  7. Incredible Washington mansion. This toy belongs to billionaire Bill Gates. Gate's 66 thousand sq. ft. state-of-the-art mansion is in Washington state, and is valued at $147 million; the property taxes alone are $1 million a year.
  8.  Napa Valley Winery. This beautiful winery and toy belongs to billionaire oil fortune heir Gordon Getty. He purchased it and many other toys with his allowance.
  9.  Alleged love bunker. Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III, co-founder of Broadcom is the owner of a love bunker. The sex bunker was alleged to be built in the basement of Nicholas' Laguna Hills home.
  10. Rose Garden Arena. This toy belongs to multi billionaire Paul Allen. The state-of-the-art Portland Oregon sports arena opened in 1995, and cost $262 million to build.
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