Top 10 British Indie Bands

You may or may not have heard of the top 10 British indie bands, but one thing is for sure—you should be listening to them. From drony, electronic music to loud, brashy rock n roll, the Brits do indie music well and they tend to do it best. Add at least one of these British indie bands to your playlist, if you haven't already.

  1. Florence and the Machine. America has Lady Gaga, Britain has Florence and the Machine. Except, musically speaking, Florence and the Machine's a lot more interesting and challenging to listen to. The indie band released the album "Lungs," in 2009, which hit No. 1 in Britain. They've also had songs featured on the hit television show "Gossip Girl" and in popular films such as "Twilight: Eclipse."
  2. The xx. The xx follow in the tradition of moody British indie bands with a big, soaring sound. Their self-titled debut was released in 2009 and did well both in Britain and in the states.
  3. Mumford and Sons. A folk indie band, Mumford and Sons have had some success in the United States and even more success in their native country. The band's first album "Sigh No More" went platinum in the states, a rarity for British indie bands.
  4. Noah and the Whale. Another band in the British indie folk tradition, Noah and the Whale may be best known for their second album, "The First Days of Spring," a break up record that shows lead singer Charlie Fink working through his recent relationship and break up with Laura Marling, another British folk singer.
  5. Klaxons. Some British indie bands are folky, some are dancy. Klaxons definitely fall into the latter category, with their blend of basic rock and electronic beats. The band claims it's been influenced greatly by the rave scene that took over Britain in the early 1990s.
  6. Oasis. When someone mentions British indie bands, Oasis may be one of the first that comes to mind. The band had a guitar based pop sound and is held responsible from bringing that sound back to the charts in the 1990s with albums such as "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"
  7. Pulp. Relatively obscure outside Britain, Pulp is the summation of the British indie sound. The band's music is combination of every possible style, including glam, new wave, pop and, of course, indie rock. Their final album "We Love Life" was released in 2002 to great acclaim. Though they've since broken up, their influence lives on.
  8. Foals. British indie band Foals, known for their guitar heavy yet still tender sound, have made waves in the states. In 2008, they signed with the US indie label of choice, Sub Pop.
  9. Muse. Long loved by guitar rock fans, but perhaps not that well known outside Britain, Muse finally made it in the US when they were featured on the soundtrack to the "Twilight" films. Their latest album, "The Resistance" was released in late 2009.
  10. Radiohead. Radiohead has grown a lot as a band, from slightly folky "Creep" in the 1990s to the droney sounds of "Kid A" and "OK Computer." Their last album, "In Rainbows," was released independently in 2007. The band tried a new approach with the release of the album and allowed fans to pay what they wanted for a digital copy.
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