Top 10 Building Jobs

If you're looking to changer your career, this list of the top ten building jobs may come in handy. Having the necessary qualifications helps land each of the jobs. Experience in related fields can help you land the gig that is just right for you.

  1. Flag holder. A flag holder stands on the road all day holding the stop or slow signs that move people through a construction project. It is not the highest paying building job, but it is one of the least labor intensive building jobs. Extremely hot or cold days can make it difficult.
  2. Wrecking-ball operator. The ability to cause extreme destruction is a cool job for anyone. Professional operators must undergo training to use this piece of heavy instruction equipment properly. This cool building job is not as easy as many of us would like to believe
  3. Carpenter on a movie set.  Movie studios do need someone to build the sets. The carpenters may or may not get put into the credits, but if you're lucky, you may end up in a movie.
  4. Welder. The welder may not get as much glory as the Hollywood set carpenter, but he can get a building job that has many different industrial applications. Becoming a welder takes training, and often requires some sort of academic degree.
  5. Contractor. Independent contractors run their own show, as much as they can and provide a lot of building jobs for others.
  6. Electrician. Electricians study the mysteries first put forth by Edison. They also get to fix what goes wrong with their creations, which makes it one of the coolest building jobs.
  7. Stonemason. Someone has to lay the bricks for our buildings. It may also help you get into a different sort of masons, although this is unlikely.
  8. Iron worker. The iron and steel worker keeps the roofs of our malls, shopping centers, and steel buildings safe over our heads. Roofs in any other location are inconvenient and not as useful as they otherwise might be. A male worker can also proudly go around proclaiming that he is "Iron Man."
  9. Plumber. Plumber may not be one of the most glamorous building jobs., but it gives you the perks of steady work, excellent pay, and wearing your pants below your butt crack.
  10. Building inspector. The inspector does not do much actual construction, but it's a mistake to assume his job is easy. He has to keep up on local codes and make sure the buildings meet the municipal building codes.
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