Top 10 Chefs in America 2009

Here are the top 10 chefs in America from 2009. In America there are few things we value more then our food and these chefs have won us over time and time again. From all over the globe they maintain restaurants in America that continue to be some of the most popular and decorated in the country.

  1. Gordon Ramsey One of the most recognizable faces in food or rather, one of the most recognizable voices in food. He can cook and he can yell. There are Drill Sgt’s that wish they could yell like him. He is the only chef from Great Britain to receive a total of ten Michelin stars.
  2. Bobby Flay One of the famed Iron Chefs who specializes in blending southwestern cuisine with international taste. He is almost as well known for his flame red hair as he is for his food.
  3. Wolfgang Puck It seems like kids named Wolfgang are destined for greatness. Puck has ranked as the top paid celebrity chef and owns many restaurants all over the country.
  4. Emeril Lagasse BAM!!! A critically acclaimed chef with several world-famous restaurants in the US. He is probably more well know for yelling BAM then for his cooking, but he’s still a great cook.
  5. Anthony Bourdain One of the most experienced chefs on this list, with 20 plus years of experience and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Now you can see him on the Travel Channel in "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations". One of the most entertaining and interesting food shows currently on television.
  6. Thomas Keller Considered to be one of America’s finest chefs; he was the first American born chef to receive two three-star restaurants. He runs The French Laundry in Napa Valley, Bouchon in Las Vegas, and Per Se and Bouchon Bakery at the Time Warner Center in New York City.
  7. Cat Cora The only female Iron Chef in the history of the American and Japanese competition. She specializes in Mediterranean, Fusion, and Southern cooking. She is the Executive Chef for Bon Appetit magazine, as well as a UNICEF spokesperson.
  8. Michael Symon An Iron Chef and owns Lola and Lolita, Michael Symon’s Roast, The B Spot, and a bar named Bar Symon. He has garnered numerous awards and is credited with helping save the restaurant scene in downtown Cleveland.
  9. William Todd English A TV show, books, and restaurants have made English a household name. His restaurant Olives is one of the most popular brand restaurants in the world.
  10. Paul Bocuse Considered the father of French culinary art and the creator of the soupe aux truffes a.k.a truffle soup which is world famous. He specializes in nouvelle cuisine.  
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