Top 10 Christian Businessmen

Looking for a list of the top 10 Christian Businessmen? Look no further, here's the best from the past and present.

  1. S.Truett Cathy. The CEO of "Chick Fil A" Restaurant chain is a  devout Christian who has taught Sunday school for over 51 years. His company mission say it exist to glorify God. The company also invest strongly in community services.
  2. George Forman. 61 year old former Heavyweight boxer is now a successful Businessman and a Christian Minister.
  3. David Green. CEO of Hobby Lobby Craft stores which has 335 retail stores and an estimated 16,000 employees. Green attributes his success to total dependency upon God and his belief is his commitment to serving the Lord by serving his customers and employees.
  4. Norm Miller. Started out as a salesman, now he is CEO of Interstate Batteries and also a devout Christian, he also serves on the Board of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dallas Seminary Foundations.
  5. James C. Penney. Founder of J.C. Penney stores. After the crash of the stock market in the 1900's he was left broke which affected his health. He later became a Christian after hearing the the song "God Will Take Care of You."
  6. Hilary Zig Ziglar. Started out as a salesman and became a full-time motivational speaker. Combining his strong Christian belief  and positive way of thinking into becoming a best selling author. Ziglar a Christian with a strong belief in God has published over twenty five books on varies topics such as family, faith, personal growth, sales, leadership, Christianity and business. 
  7. Lowell Bud Paxon. An Evangelical Christian and a  Florida native who began his career as the owner of a small radio station is now the CEO of Paxson Management Corporation, and is the Co Founder of the Home Shopping Network.
  8. Conrad Hilton. Founder of the Hilton Hotels chain was both an businessman and a Christian. Hilton was influence by both his parents and the Catholic Church. 
  9. Sam Walton. A Businessman, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Wal-Mart retail stores, was a Christian with ethics based on and hard work. Before he founded Walmart  he owned a chain of Ben Franklin five-and-dime stores.
  10.  James Kraft. Entrepreneur and Inventor began his early years working in a general store and later became the first to patent processed cheese. Kraft also introduced many other innovative products as he also was a strong supporter of Religious education for young people.


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