Top 10 Classic American Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend

If you have a taste for the classics (and why wouldn't you?) here's a list of the top 10 classic American movies to watch with your girlfriend. After all, in this economy, watching a movie with your girlfriend is like dinner at a fancy restaurant back in 1999. Hooray for Hollywood (but not in a gay way)!


1. "The General" Being a Buster Keaton fan is like owning a stylish suit for your brain—what could be more sophisticated than liking a clown who never smiles? So it makes sense that any Keaton classic would have a place among the best classic American movies to watch with your girlfriend. And there's no reason not to start with his most famous movie, and arguably his most romantic. Pop this one in and she'll be begging to see your "Great Stone Face" in no time!

2. "The Thin Man" Nick and Nora Charles set the standard for romantic (and alcoholic) sophistication. The fact that watching it will make both of you feel approximately ten times cooler than you were before is just one reason it's one of the best classic American movies to watch with your girlfriend. One problem: She might ask you to get a dog.

3. "His Girl Friday" There was once a time in American history when romantic comedies were not an excuse, as the great George Carlin put it, "to play pinball in the lobby." In fact, back during Hollywood's Golden Age, romantic comedies were top-of-the-line passtimes. So it is with "His Girl Friday." You may be no Cary Grant, but who is?

4. "Ninotchka" The title is really fun to say. But that's not enough for it to be one of the best classics to watch with your girlfriend. The fact that it's also a near-perfect romantic comedy and hilarious Soviet-era satire starring the immortal Greta Garbo is. Hooray for Greta Garbo (but not in a gay way)!

5. "Double Indemnity" It may be strange to think of a movie from the 1940s before our friends nudity and profanity were introduced to the big screen, as "sexy." And yet this movie is one of the most smoldering thrillers ever made—it's a marvel of golden-age craftsmanship too, which easily makes it one of the best movies to watch with your girl.

6. "High Noon" The best movies to watch with your lady contain some sort of lesson or tip for making the relationship last. The contribution of "High Noon" in this arena is "violence." Sheriff Will Kane's new wife abhors violence, but at the end of the movie she shoots the bad guy and they ride off into the sunset. Hooray for guns (but not in a gay way)!

7. "Rear Window" As far as romantic leads go, Jimmy Stewart is unlikely to make your girlfriend pine for a better man. That scene where he takes off his shirt? Yikes. But "Rear Window" is great—it's suspenseful, exciting, romantic, and pretty much perfect.

8. "North by Northwest" Cary Grant is in a lot of the best classic American movies to watch with your girlfriend, and why not? He's the gold standard for cool as far as guys are concerned. And this is like a "best of Cary Grant" highlight reel. He does comedy! He makes out on a train! He drives drunk! He gets chased by a crop-duster! He has sex on a train! Your girlfriend will love it and so will you.

9."The Apartment" Billy Wilder's transcendent romantic comedy masterpiece is funny and sad, sometimes at the same time, just like real life. Hopefully you're lucky enough to have a "shut up and deal" kind of a girlfriend!

10. "Batman The Movie" If your girlfriend doesn't appreciate Adam West, then you should probably just dump her. Er…being single's not so bad, is it?

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