Top 10 Dating Mistakes

The top 10 dating mistakes men happen all the time. There are specific rules when it comes to dating yet some men are oblivious to what make a date successful. You wonder at the end why she didn't call you back or why she dropped the seven big words on you, 'sorry, but you are not my type.' Read some of these steps and avoid making the same mistake the next time around.

  1. Talk about an ex. You have an almost a perfect date but goes into a screeching halt when you start babbling about your ex girlfriend, this is one of the worst ten dating mistakes. The truth is women do not want to hear about stories of an ex, no matter how sweet or a witch she was.
  2. Brag about your achievements. It is impressive to learn about someone's achievement, but get real, to talk about the money you have in your bank account, the yacht parties you host every month and how much your Rolex cost is  a total turn off. This dating mistake makes a woman head for the nearest exist, do you want her to date you, your career, or possessions? Do not brag and let her know you, not your bank account.
  3. Check out other women.  Men have eyes and going to look at women. Ladies realize that too but there should be a level of respect when you are with a woman. It is one thing to glance but to stare down another female does not make a woman feel special at all. While dating, reserve the attention on the woman you are with and give her the attention.. 
  4. Act like a jerk. Act like a jerk. This dating mistake happens when you ask inappropriate questions, calling your date out her name; talking about many women you have bed. It is not surprising why a woman refuses to continue dating a jerk. Instead of dating, take a sensitivity course to better yourself.
  5. Being too forward.  Women love assertive men, but letting your intentions unravel all in one night drives any female away. Touching your date inappropriately or asking for sex may land you a slap in the face and another lonely night. Do not be that guy because when she wants you physically, she will let you know.
  6. Not a gentleman. Have at least a chivalrous bone in your body definitely works wonders. Holding the door for your date, pulling out a chair or opening a car door is clear signs you are heading towards the right direction as it shows you are kind to women and didn't left your manners at the door.
  7. Messy look. When dating, make a best impression physically with your looks and hygiene. Do not look like you hop out of bed and ran straight to your date's door or forgot how to use a showerhead. It is embarrassing and shows you care less about your appearance, to impress the woman. Clean clothes, good hygiene, and a nice haircut are not too much to ask.
  8. Act like your date is a girlfriend. One of the things women can sense strongly is a guy moving too fast; not every woman wants to hear her future planned with someone she barely knows. Take things one step at a time and save your plans if she becomes your girlfriend.
  9. Keep the conversation unbalanced. Opening up to your date is good because she learns things about you. To talk nonstop about every detail of your life is boring and your date wondered if she should put a mirror in front of you so you can see yourself talk then go. It is nice for the conversation to go back and forth but not one sided.
  10. Pay on the first date. Yes, women have equal rights for the longest time, but one thing that should not be dead and that is chivalry. If you ask her out, you should pay, even if she offers to do so, politely turn down the offer and foot the bill. If you do not have enough money, a coffee date or walk in the park will be fine. 
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