Top 10 Erotic Movies List

This top 10 erotic movies list includes films that aren’t quite pornographic, but they are all very sexually charged and fairly explicit. These choices stand above most other erotic movies because they have really entertaining storylines. Most of these are also very well made and fairly well acted in comparison to the rest of the genre.

  1. The best of the erotic movies is a film called “Vixen” directed by the great Russ Meyer, who was a master of the genre. It’s about a nymphomaniac who constantly cheats on her husband, and she’s also randomly very racially insensitive, which plays strongly into the story. The movie is actually very smartly written, constantly amusing, and very well shot.
  2. “Pink Flamingos” which was directed by John Waters, is a very important erotic comedy. The movie was incredibly explicit for its time, and it has a lot of controversial elements which shocked people then, and still have the power to shock.
  3. “The Big Bird Cage” is a film in the “women in prison” sub-genre of sexploitation. Like most erotic movies in this genre, it includes a lot of nudity, a lot of sex, and plenty of lesbian overtones. It’s also very funny, occasionally exciting, and well shot.
  4. “Eugenie… the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion” is a European film by Jesse Franco that is easily one of the best erotic movies of all time. The film deals with a young lady being systematically initiated into perverse sexual extremes by an older couple.
  5. “Lorna” is the second Russ Meyer film on this list. This one is a bit older than Vixen, and slightly less explicit than some of the other erotic movies on this list. It’s about a wife who is unsatisfied by her husband’s sexual abilities.
  6. “The Cheerleaders” is an amusing sex comedy made in the 1970s. It’s a surprisingly explicit film about a bunch of sex crazed cheerleaders on a mission.
  7. “Emmanuelle” is a well known sex film made in France. It’s about a woman’s attempt to find the most interesting and exciting sexual experiences, and it's one of the most enticing erotic movies in terms of pure sexuality.
  8. “Young Lady Chatterley” is based on a classic novel, and it deals with an unfaithful wife with a rich husband. It has a lot of sex, and an amusing storyline, with a great looking lead actress.
  9. “Caged Heat” was the first exploitation film about women in prison that made a big impression. The movie was copied many times, and it has all the classic elements, including the lesbian overtones.
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