Top 10 Fashion Trends 2009

Curious about the top 10 fashion trends of 2009? There were some changes in men’s fashion trends in 2009, while some things stayed the same. In case you’ve forgotten, here are ten things that made news in the fashion industry.

  1. The tailored suit. Current men's fashion trends provided a good rule of thumb for choosing the right tailored suit in 2009. Men were instructed to look at the eras when men’s suits looked their best: the Victoria era, the 1930s and the 1960s, with an emphasis on skinny detailing. Men took the best things from each of these times and incorporate them into the silhouette of a more timely suit.
  2. The military-style jacket. Take the classic look of regular naval and military jackets and kick it up a notch.
  3. The “Mad Men” look. A lot of men wanted to emulate this style, and it became a prominent men’s fashion trend in 2009, but many were afraid they would look like they were wearing a costume. However, by following a few suggestions, such as paying attention to the narrowness of the silhouette and making the jacket approximately half an inch shorter, they could successfully pull off this unique look.
  4. The cardigan sweater. Many men’s fashion trends never go out of style, and this was true of the cardigan in 2009. Owning a classy cardigan was a good decision then, and will always be. Look for a wool or wool-blend cardigan, in a solid color that will match practically anything. Black, brown and light blue are always good choices. Remember, too, that cardigans can come in V-neck and round-neck styles. Both are fine; pick the one that you are most comfortable in.
  5. Shirt colors. Dominant shirt colors changed from browns and greys to dark purple, red or indigo blue in 2009. When paired with black pants, these colors, which may have been considered unusual by some men, worked well.
  6. Pinstripes. Like the cardigan, pinstripes never seem to be far removed from current men’s fashion trends. Choose white or grey for pairing with any color shirt and light-blue stripes for pairing with similar shades of blue shirts.
  7. Jeans. A major fashion trend in 2009 involved jeans paired with a dress shirt and blazer. You have to make sure the jeans are in good condition, with no rips or holes, and of the same color overall; in other words, no faded jeans. Remember, you are slightly more dressed-up on top with your dress shirt and blazer.
  8. A good watch. A must-have accessory, no matter what year it is. Buy the best one you can afford, but if your budget simply won’t allow you to go all-out, look for the best-quality watch in the less expensive brand of your choice.
  9. A good pair of cufflinks. Men’s fashion trends always have room for these. Yellow-gold, white-gold, platinum or black onyx are all good choices. Square or round shapes will complement any shirt.
  10. Hairstyles. For 2009, the look was short, no longer than barely brushing the collar. Hair could be worn full, tousled or spiked if a man's occupation permitted.
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