Top 10 French Songs 2008


A look at the list of top 10 French songs 2008 reveals a list of global music. French songs are produced all over the world and music from all languages and all parts of the world are listened to and loved in France.

  1. "C'est Beau La Bourgeoisie" by Discobitch. Half of the lyrics are sung in French and half in English. This song is performed by the French electronic music duo made up of Kylian Mash and Laurent Konrad. Their debut single, "C'est beau la bourgeoisie," was a big club hit in many European countries. It was number two in France and earned a gold disc in Belgium.
  2. "Tout De Moi" by Andree Watters. Not all French songs are from France. This song was one of the top ten French songs 2008 in Quebec. Singer Andree Watters is an established star in French-speaking Canada. This single is from her album, Minuit.
  3. "Collé" by Kymaï. The French West Indies is the source of this Rhythm and Blues Song. It made the charts all over the French speaking islands with its signature Caribbean beat. It became popular all over the world making it one of the top ten French songs of 2008.
  4. "Le Deni De L'evidence" by Mes Aieux. Mes Aieux is a modern folk group from Quebec noted for their humor and biting social commentary. Deny the Evidence is a song about climate change. Its political commentary and willingness to discuss a controversial subject makes it one of the top ten French songs of 2008.
  5. "C’est La Vie" performed by Martin Solveig. Born Martin Picandet, this electronic music DJ and producer from Paris decided he needed a German surname to make it big in France. The video of this single features Solveig showing off some pop dance moves. He also hosts a weekly radio show called "C'est La Vie".
  6. "20L07" by John and Jen. London is the source of this top ten French song of 2008. A self-exiled French couple living in England put out this happy tune about how much they love each other. The song is funny and charming and catchy.
  7. "Paris De Loin"performed by Poney Express. Poney Express is a folk pop singing couple also known as Anna & Robin Feix This song about the French countryside was one of the top ten French songs of 2008.
  8. "Reverbere" by Ariane Moffatt. Ariane Moffatt is a French-Canadian singer and song writer based in Quebec. She came up with a top ten French song 2008 with this popular single from the album, Mar Tous les sens, which won a 2009 Juno Award for Francophone Album of the Year.
  9. "Il Avait Les Mots" performed by Sheryfa Luna. Sheryfa Luna is a French singer born to an Algerian father and a French mother. Her song, Il avait les mots" (He Had the Words), went to #1 in France, in 2008. This classy single is a French rhythm and blues pop song with a hint of U.S. Soulfulness. Its popularity and chart success makes it one of the top ten French songs of 2008
  10. "Don't Stop the Music" by Rihanna. This choice is to emphasis that at any time, French top ten song charts contain a number of English language hits. Rihanna doesn't put out French music but she sings songs that are popular in France and other French speaking parts of the world. Music has become a global language.
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