Top 10 Graduate Jobs

The top 10 graduate jobs all share one thing in common: they are constantly in demand. Even in a bad economy, most grads can find a position within weeks of graduation. While may do require extensive education, the paychecks are almost always worth it. Below are ten surefire fields to look at for any potential graduate.

  1. Medical Doctor. No matter what changes, people will always need doctors. The field is competitive as ever, but is always growing. Expect rising tuition costs to decrease the number of medical graduates in the future.
  2. Occupational Therapist. As a career that treats the injured, the elderly, and those with developmental disabilities, this career field is growing quickly. The average salary is now above sixty five thousand dollars for those with a Masters degree, and most areas are severely underserved. A great job for those that are willing to make it through the highly competitive programs. 
  3. Dentist. As with MDs, the world will always need dentists. The field is steadily hiring, and the number of good graduate programs seems to be increasing. Prepare for a great deal of study to get into the field.
  4. Physical Therapist. With an aging population, it is no wonder that physical therapists are in demand. One can graduate from many different universities with a doctorate in physical therapy in six to seven years, making this one of the shortest doctoral program available. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most competitive.
  5. Nurse. The most under-appreciated and most needed job in the United States. You can graduate with any number of different nursing degrees, but all are in demand. Graduates are encouraged to look in the South, as pay rates and open positions seem to be growing at an equal pace.
  6. Software Engineer. Although few talk about it, the computer field is still growing. Being able to program the next killer application is a must have skill for a computer science graduate. This graduate job requires both skill and education, and going forward to get a doctorate is not a bad idea.
  7. Paralegal. This job requires a two year degree and quite a bit of training. The unwillingness of the legal field to hire new attorneys has made paralegals even more in demand than in the past. The pay may not be the best, but it is stable and growing.
  8. Massage Therapist. This is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. It requires at least a two year degree, and the payouts are quite generous. As the population ages, expect this career to grow.
  9. Translator. As the world's economy grows together, language barriers are getting harder to overcome. Speaking a second language fluently can be the key to moving ahead. Those that major in Spanish and Chinese are in great demand, as are those that are fluent in Arabic.
  10. Mediation. While the legal profession as a whole is lagging, mediation (and any other form of alternative dispute resolution) is growing quickly. This field requires one to be a great communicator, a good listener, and a natural problem solver. While no education is required for the position, virtually every mediator in practice holds a J.D..
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