Top 10 Hangover Remedies

Who doesn’t need a list of hangover remedies to help make it through Saturday and Sunday mornings a little more easily. And who hasn't woken up on Sunday morning wishing they'd had one less shot of tequila on Saturday night? Hangovers don't get any easier as we get older, but there are some tried and true hangover remedies for at least starting the process of feeling like a human again. Take a look at this Top 10 list, and figure out what your most successful hangover remedies are:

  1. Greasy food. For no other reason than this hangover remedy helps get your systems moving again and can help you, well, detoxify a little.
  2. Sports drinks.  Any number of fluids would be good to get moving through your system again to rehydrate and cure hangover remedies, but sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade have the added ability of electrolytes that help rehydrate you sooner.
  3. Sweating.  One of the best hangover remedies really is detoxing; getting all the alcohol and toxins out of your body and allowing yourself to start clean.  Sweating is a great way to jumpstart this process, however, you must be careful to hydrate before, during, and after this as your body's already lacking in fluids because of the beverages consumed the night before.  If cardio workouts such as running or biking hurt to just think about, try something like yoga instead.  The motion of yoga will be gentler on your sensitive system, but the twisting and rinsing postures in the heated room will allow for some powerful detoxifying feelings.  Again, remember to hydrate before, during, and after whatever hangover remedies you choose!
  4. Carbs.  Whether or not it's actually true that carbs "soak up" the alcohol in your system, they sure do make it feel like that's happening and help get something in your system besides booze.
  5. Fresh air.  Get off the couch you passed out on and get somewhere that doesn't smell like you've been sweating vodka for the last six hours.  Peel yourself off the couch long enough to sit outside for 10-15 minutes, breathing in something other than your own hangover stench.
  6. Painkillers.  This is kind of a given, but if your immediate attempts at hangover remedies such as hydrating and detoxifying don't produce a quick result, let the drugs do their job and take just enough so that it stops hurting to think.
  7. Protein.  If you're going with food to self-medicate through your hangover, make sure your greasy, carb-loaded breakfast (or lunch?) includes some kind of protein.  Eat bagels with peanut butter, toast and eggs, or an omelet loaded with greens like spinach or broccoli. 
  8. Hangover shower.  Bonus points to you if you live in an apartment building and don't pay for hot water.  Spend an extra five (or ten… or twenty…) minutes in the shower allowing yourself to breathe in the steam and sweat out the booze.  It's amazing what a hangover shower can do for a struggling partier.
  9. Sleep.  After that initial "wake-up call" of a pounding headache (which you've now popped pills for) and dryer-than-the-desert cotton mouth (which you've rehydrated with your sports drinks), take a few deep breaths and lay your head back down.  You may miss a few more hours of the day, but you'll wake up feeling a little less pained and a little more alert.
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