Top 10 Hard Rock Songs 2010

The top 10 hard rock songs 2010 are a blistering collection of some of the heaviest music of the year. In a musical era where critics have proclaimed hard rock to be on the way out, these songs help bring it back with a powerful exclamation point. Make sure you add the top 10 hard rock songs 2010 to your music collection.

  1. "Say You'll Haunt Me" (2010) – Stone Sour. This hard rock song was released by the band Stone Sour in the middle of 2010, and instantly became a hard rock fan favorite. The vocals and guitars work well together in creating a memorable refrain and a song that fans can sing along with.
  2. "Farewell, Mona Lisa" (2010) – Dillinger Escape Plan. The Dillinger Escape Plan is known more for its heavy metal songs, but this song became one of the top 10 hard rock songs 2010 because of its elaborate, but extremely effective, arrangement. This song is a long journey that is an excellent mix of metal and hard rock.
  3. "Under Blackened Skies" (2010) – Fozzy. The band Fozzy started out as a classic rock gimmick band for professional wrestler Chris Jericho. But their entry on to the list of the top 10 hard rock songs 2010 shows how much the band has matured, and how talented every musician in the band is.
  4. "Best Of Me" (2010) – Ratt. Ratt reformed and released a new album in 2010, and the song "Best of Me" (2010) has that classic Ratt sound that still stands up today. Stephen Pearcy's vocals are sharp and the band sounds like they never stopped playing together.
  5. "The Alchemist" (2010) – Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden has been making classic hard rock music since the 1975, and this entry on the list of the top 10 hard rock songs 2010 has that classic Maiden sound. It is another epic story as only Iron Maiden can deliver.
  6. "Love-Hate-Sex-Pain"(2010) – Godsmack. Godsmack taps into their classic songwriting style to create one of the top 10 hard rock songs 2010. The opening riff on this song is a brutal guitar riff, and Sully's vocals make this song unmistakably Godsmack.
  7. "Rise of the Fallen" (2010) – Soulfly. It is always interesting to hear how Soulfly mixes guitar synthesizers and keyboard synthesizers together. This song is a hard rocking tune that starts off with a bang and stomps through to the end.
  8. "Nightmare" (2010) – Avenged Sevenfold. This is just an well-written hard rock masterpiece from a very talented hard rock band. This song conitnues the notion that Avenged Sevenfold has something musically for just about any music fan.
  9. "The Sex is Good" (2010) – Saving Abel. This is a brutally honest song that was not meant to be sung as a loving ballad to your fair lady. Saving Abel delivers an honest and classic-sounding hard rock song with this entry on to the list of the top 10 hard rock songs 2010.
  10. "Another Way to Die" (2010) – Disturbed. Hard rock bands still feel the need to get political from time to time, and this song is proof. Disturbed delivers a bleak assessment of the 2010 condition of the planet and our hopes for the future in this top hard rock song of 2010.
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