Top 10 Hot Actresses Over 30

Do you wonder who the top ten actresses over 30 are? Take the look at this list and see why women over 30 are still considered talented and beautiful.

  1. Jennifer Aniston. She starred in the popular television show “Friends” and such movies as “The Bounty Hunter,” “He’s Not That Into You,” and “Marley and Me.” Jennifer was a hot actress before she got together with Brad Pitt. With her all American good looks and sweet smile, she is a mixture of sexy and girl next door all rolled up into one package.
  2. Angelina Jolie. She starred in such movies as “Girl Interrupted,” “Lara Craft: Tomb Raider,” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Angelina of course is currently coupled with Brad Pitt. However, this isn’t what truly makes this actress hot. It is her luscious lips. Her body and her beautiful eyes.
  3. Sandra Bullock. She starred in such movies as “Speed,” “Miss Congeniality” and “The Blind Side.” Sandra has the look of the girl next door. However, she also has a sexy appeal to her. Part of this appeal as an actress comes in the array of characters she can play and how she can change her voice when needed.
  4. Eva Longoria Parker. She starred in the hit movie “Over My Dead Body.” She also plays the beautiful Gabrielle Solis on the popular television show “Desperate Housewives.” Eva may come in a small package. But her package is one that many will remember. She has beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes and a body men drool over.
  5. Alyssa Milano. Alyssa became a star while she was a child actress on the hit television show “Who’s the Boss.” Now she has a new television show “Romantically Challenged.” Alyssa has a charming way about her even when she isn’t playing a witch. Having a gorgeous body doesn’t hurt her charm any.
  6. Cameron Diaz. She starred in such movies as “The Mask,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “There’s Something  About Mary.” Cameron has a doe like appearance that can be captivating. She is also a talented actress that can kick butt while making men drool.
  7. Nicole Kidman. She starred in such movies as “Dead Calm,” “The Hours,” and “Batman Forever.” Nicole has made men like Tom Cruise drool. With her stunning good looks and acting talent, she can make fans take notice whatever role she is playing.
  8. Sigourney Weaver. She has starred in such movies as “Ghostbusters,” “Avatar,” and “Holes," all while maintaining her natural good looks.
  9. Halle Berry. She starred in such movies as “Catwoman,” “The Flintstones,” and “Jungle Fever.” There is no mistaking Halle’s beauty.
  10. Hilary Swank. She starred in such movies as “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Million Dollar Baby,” and “P.S. I love You.” Hilary is considered a natural beauty. However, she is also considered a talented actress, having won two Academy Awards.
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