Top 10 Hot Actresses Under 30

At such a young age these stars have stolen our wallets and the top ten hot actresses under 30 will continue to break the bank. These gorgeous young beauties, with one glance melt your soul. Here are the top ten hottest actresses under 30:

  1. Scarlett Johansson – The perfect shape, most gorgeous face, amazing lips, classy glamour, and only the age of 25. ScarJo is the hottest young actress out there as she continues to rise above the rest. She has big career ahead of her, bringing her looks with her. This voluptuous beauty will forever be the definition of hottest young stars.
  2. Megan Fox – What is a list with out "the" 23 year-old Megan Fox. With one shot of her bending over a hot engine of a  Camaro that can transform into a butt kicking alien robot she cemented her her place in history books as one of the hottest young starlets of Hollywood. No one can resist Megan Fox with her cutesy ways and that amazing body. With one bat of the eyes, Fox can take you down in a second. 
  3. Amber Heard – This scream queen has done the opposite of scaring us away. This bodacious 23 year-old blonde is absolutely stunning and has a huge career ahead of her. Amber Heard is pure beauty and like a fine wine will only get better with age. If you haven't heard of her yet, you sure will soon enough and your eyes will never feel the same again. 
  4. Jessica Alba – This dark angel has captivated young men everywhere from a very young age. Now 28, this Latino lovely undoubtedly one of the hottest ladies in the world. Not only can she claim the fame to being a hot actress under 30, but she can also claim to be one of the hottest mothers in Hollywood. 
  5. Blake Lively – The youngest on the list at the age of 22, Blake Lively sure makes us feel young again. Her looks are untouchable and has a great natural beauty. Her sexy curves and luchious blonde hair are just amazing. Her looks are not the only thing going to get her far, as her successful career on "Gossip Girl" will take her places. 
  6. Briana Evigan – Many might not know this 23 year-old, but she sure enough one of the hottest actresses under 30. She may not have the career yet, but she sure does have the looks. Throwing sexy dance moves in "Step Up 2: The Streets," she danced into the scene. This bootylicious brunette is the perfect little package and look out for her in future horror film, "Mother's Day."
  7. Lacey Chabert – This girl is the definition of "fetch." This "mean girl" came to us at a young age in the show "Part of Five." Always under the shadow of another brunette beauty, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chabert hadn't had her time to shine. All grown up at the age of 27 now, Lacey Chabert has developed into a fine seductive woman. 
  8. Audrina Patridge – Her acting career is just hitting off and only at 24 years-old, Audrina will be around for quite a long time. She maybe fake in the right areas, but who is complaining? She has a great body and she only continues to get better. She can keep eating Carl's Jr. for as long as she wants as long as she keeps that amazing figure.
  9. Sophia Bush – Ms. Bush is queen of the hill as her beauty is embraced on "One Tree Hill." At 27 years-old, she looks a lot more mature for her age and we can agree that she definitely is mature in all the right places. She has one of the best butts in the business and she can definitely look sexy in cowboy boots and boy shorts seen in "The Hitcher." 
  10. Jessica Biel – This attractive 27 year-old shed her church innocent skin when she left the cast of "7th Heaven." Since then, Jessica Biel has been a defining icon of sexy as her toned body has gotten so much more publicity than her acting talent. 
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