Top 10 Hottest Celeb Moms

A woman can be a mom and still be sexy, and if you don’t believe this, just think about these top 10 hottest celeb moms.  Some may even say that they are even sexier now than they were before they became a parent.

  1. Jennifer Garner Jennifer and her actor husband Ben Affleck have two daughters. Jennifer is best known for role in the television hit drama Alias. During filming of this show and hit movie “Daredevil” the world got to see her in tight fitting outfits and performing many fighting moves. She still does the occasional acting gigs since the birth of her daughters. The reason she is considered one of the hottest celeb moms is easy; it is her eyes, her smile and her body.
  2. Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah is most known for her role in the popular hit television show “Sex and the City.” Sarah has twin daughters. This hasn’t stopped her from being the cover girl for the popular woman’s magazine “Vogue”. The reason she is one of the hottest celeb moms is simple; she is stunning and beautiful.
  3. Keri Russell Keri Russell is known for playing the starring role in the popular television show “Felecity.” She has a two and half year old son.  She is considered sexy because she has gorgeous hair, a great body and talent to play any part. 
  4. Madonna:  Madonna is known for being the hottest selling musician worldwide. She is also known for sexiness. This sexiness shows through during her dancing numbers, her videos and even her songs. Madonna is also one of the hottest celeb moms. She has four kids, two of which are adopted.
  5. Angelina Jolie Angelina is known for sexiness. This sexiness is displayed in her beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes and full lips. Angelina is also known for her acting ability. She is most known for the lead part she played in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina is one of the hottest celeb moms, with six children, three of whom are adopted.
  6. Faith Hill:  Faith is a hot country musician.  She is beautiful, talented and sexy.  She is also the mother of three daughters.
  7. Halle Barry  Halle is a Revlon model and actress.She is beautiful and sexy. She is also the mother of a daughter.
  8. Jennifer Lopez Jennifer is a popular actress and singer.  Her current project will actually have her playing a hot pregnant mom. In real life she is the mother of a set of twins.
  9. Tori Spelling Known for her role she played on the popular television show "90210", Tori Spelling is now all grown up and the hot mom to two kids.  She is considered one of  the hottest celeb moms because of her long legs and great body.
  10. Heidi Klum Heidi is best known for her model and acting work. During her modeling days, she has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and has worked for Victoria’s Secret. These are two reasons why she is considered hot. She has three children.
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