Top 10 Indie Band Names

To honor Indie bands from around the world, here is a list of the top 10 Indie band names (in no particular order). Indie bands aren't just known for their original sound — they are also famous, sometimes more so, for their original names. 

  1. Modest Mouse – American Indie rock band formed in 1993 in Issaquah, Washington. Two of their bigger hits are "Float On" and "Dashboard."
  2. Franz Ferdinand – Indie rock band originating from Glasgow, Scotland. Most commonly known song is called "Take Me Out."
  3. Radiohead – English alternative rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. They have enjoyed some success through the years, but their most popular song is "Creep" from 1992.
  4. DeVotchKa – The name comes from Clockwork Orange. The band comes from Denver. Their sound is a fusion of bolero, Greek, Romani and Slavic. They are most noted as writing the score for the critically acclaimed move, Little Miss Sunshine.
  5. The The – Made the list for its simplicity. The band hails from England. It's most popular song is "This Is the Day."
  6. Great Lake Swimmers – Indie folk rock band from Ontario, Canada. Named after the feat of swimming across any of the great lakes.
  7. Placebo – This cool name is also rather popular. There are four different bands with the same name: a Canadian punk band, a Belgium jazz band, a British punk-rock duo and a more popular British rock band. The music styles are different, but they're all Indie.
  8. Broken Social Scene – Another Canadian band, the ensemble is large, sometimes numbering in the high teens. Their music has been featured in movies, and most notably on episodes of Nip/Tuck and the L Word.
  9. The Noise FM – A trio from Lawrence, Kansas. Their most recent LP release, "Enclave" is highly touted in the Midwest.
  10. Arcadia – this name is more popular than Placebo, our #7 entry. Bands ranging from Christian rock and pop, to the 80s band formed while Duran Duran was taking a break all sport this name. But any band that takes its name from the Greek kid that essentially caused the birth of the werewolf gets our vote!
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