Top 10 Indie Folk Bands

It’s hard to cram all of the best indie folk bands into a top 10 indie folk bands list, but in the end, it must be done. Indie folk artists are constantly coming out with addictive tracks, but these have to be the most highly respected bands and artists in the indie folk music industry today.

  1. Modest Mouse kicks the list off easily because they have been obvious pioneers in the indie genre over the past several years. They’ve produced many hit songs including “Float On,” which took the Billboard charts by storm for a long period of time.

  2. Sufjan Stevens produces very soft tracks that are powerful enough to bring out strong emotions in almost everyone that listens to them. His albums “Illinoise” and “Seven Swans” were some of the most enjoyed among his fan base. Overall, Stevens’s soft voice and tantalizing banjo is enough to make you want to keep listening for hours on end.

  3. The Shins are anything but normal. Listening to just a few of their songs will open your ears to new concepts and ideas as well as wonderful music. Their most notable albums are “Chutes Too Narrow” and “Oh, Inverted World” which feature their popular songs such as “Kissing the Lipless,” “So Says I,” “Caring is Creepy,” “New Slang,” and more.

  4. This list of the best indie folk bands wouldn’t be complete without Broken Social Scene. Their subdued tracks about things like “stars and sons,” and “lover’s spit” gained fast popularity as they arrived onto the scene.

  5. The Decemberists are the type of band that make you want to get up and just dance around. Their most popular album debuted in 2002 and was titled “Castaways and Cutouts.” There’s something about their upbeat tempos and fun tracks that make them one of the best indie folk bands to ever exist.

  6. Death Cab for Cutie has been around for quite a while now. They continue to bring tracks that pack a punch to listeners all around the world such as “Transatlantacism,” “Title and Registration,” “Crooked Teeth,” and so many more. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, you will definitely want to turn your attention to Death Cab for Cutie.

  7. Iron & Wine is known for its extremely soft approach to conveying emotions and feelings. Not until recently have they begun to take an immense number of listeners by storm. Most notably, their most acclaimed album “Our Endless Numbered Days” debuted in 2004.

  8. If you ask anybody why they like Rilo Kiley, you might hear that it’s because of Jenny Lewis’s personality in all of their songs. It’s true that each of Rilo Kiley’s songs tells a truly unique story about love, life, money, etc.

  9. The Arcade Fire never gained much recognition by the mainstream crowd, but they will still forever be one of the best indie folk bands ever. One of their most recognized songs is “Wake Up” is about growing up, the real world, and death.

  10. You can hear anything by MGMT playing out on many college student’s iPods, but MGMT’s talent has a lot to do with that. Their funky synth hits and clever lyrics from songs such as “Kids” make them one of the best indie folk bands ever.

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