Top 10 Indie Music Bands

While a top 10 list of indie music bands will always be subjective to some extent, no one can argue with the fact that there are a few acts out there ruling the roost when it comes to independent music. Here’s our selection.

  1. Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst is simply one of the finest young songwriters out there, and his folk indie outfit Bright Eyes tops our list of the best indie music bands. Don’t know where to start? Get their album “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning.”
  2. The Gossip. With charismatic frontwoman Beth Ditto and her amazing, Aretha-like voice at the reins, it comes as no surprise that the Gossip have gotten as far as they have. They’re destined to take over the world next!
  3. Dinosaur Jr. Band reunions are happening left and right these days, but the reunion of Dinosaur Jr.’s original line-up is the one that seems to have worked best, and has seen the release of two albums of new material. Of course it helps that Dinosaur Jr. is one of the best indie music bands of all time! I guess this one could never have gone wrong.
  4. Converge. If you like it hard and heavy and played at a breakneck speed, then you probably already know Converge. These indie stalwarts practically invented the “metalcore” genre.
  5. Coco Rosie. With their creepy, nursery-style music and bizarre lyrics, Coco Rosie has done the thing that indie music bands are supposed to do, that is, carve out their own niche, rather than settling for some pre-established genre.
  6. No Bra. The project of German beauty Susanne Oberbeck, No Bra plays dark electro-folk, and could easily count as performance art, as well as music.
  7. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Led by a drugged-out weirdo overlord, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti makes indescribable music – a sort of mash-up of ‘60s psychedelia, ‘70s punk, and ‘90s indie. No other indie music band we can think of really compares to their unique sound, and seeing the band live is always a mind-blowing experience.
  8. Jucifer. As their recent album, “Throned in Blood,” attests, this power duo continues to explore the fringes of the ‘90s indie sound.
  9. Salem. One of the most interesting and mysterious electro indie music bands to have emerged in recent years is Salem. One of their E.P.s is titled “Yes, We Smoke Crack,” to give you an idea of what kind of atmospheric weirdness you can expect from these dark, but talented musicians.
  10. The Teenagers. Smooth indie pop from France, including our personal favorite, “Starlett Johansson.”
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