Top 10 Indie Rock Songs

The top 10 indie rock songs come from some very talented artists. Indie rock is a music genre that was introduced to America by the United Kingdom. The term indie can refer to musicians who are signed with independent record labels or who are passionate about controlling their music careers, as many of these artists are.

  1. “Smile Like You Mean It” This indie rock song is by The Killers. It’s soft beat and sincere lyrics are similar to other hits by this indie rock band. The music is undeniably original and reminiscent of a Broadway play.
  2. “Buddy Holly” Weezer gave us this melodic indie rock song. The beat seems catchy until you hear the hook, and the retro feel and haphazard lyrics are definitely characteristic to indie rock.  
  3. “Clint Eastwood” The Gorrillaz sure deliver with this indie rock song. The beat, lyrics, animation and overall tone of the song is oddly infectious, optimistic but with a twinge of irony.
  4. “Seven Nation Army” You can definitely rock out with this indie rock song by the White Stripes. It has arguably the most contagious rock beat of any indie song ever made.
  5. “Loser” Beck is responsible for this culturally iconic song. There’s almost a country twang as it starts, but before long, Beck is rocking out with a steady rhythm and melodic hook.
  6. “Float On” This indie rock hit was done by Modest Mouse. It starts out with a very upbeat tempo and continues with unusually optimistic lyrics.
  7. “Take Me Out” Franz Ferdinand came out with this top indie rock song. The song jumps right into the lyrics, and the tempo eventually slows to show that this band can really rock out.
  8. “Mr. Brightside” This is another indie rock song by The Killers. They’re just indie enough to make the list twice, and “Mr. Bright Side” is definitely a fan favorite. This is another indie hit that mixes optimism with irony.
  9. “Where is My Mind” The Pixies are easily one of the greatest Indie rock bands of all time, as demonstrated by this song. Mixing original vocals, hypnotic beats and classic Pixies lyrics, there’s nothing to complain about with this top indie rock song.
  10. “Barely Legal” The top indie rock songs list wouldn’t be complete without something from The Strokes. “Barely Legal” makes it on for the fast beat and notorious theme.
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