Top 10 Japanese Actresses

Even though Japan is a small island country it has given the entertainment industry many talented actresses, so choosing the list of top ten Japanese actresses was fairly easy. Several of these actresses are famous only in their native Japan, while others are known around the world for various television and movie roles.

  1. Masami Nagasawa. This 23-year-old top ten Japanese actress began acting in 2000. She's most famous for her role on the Japanese television series Dragon Zakura. Voted "Best Newcomer" by the Japanese Academy Awards, Masami Nagasawa also starred in the acclaimed Japanese movie "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World" in 2004.
  2. Matsushima Nanako. Known best for her role in the popular horror movie, "The Ring," this Japanese actress got her start modeling swimwear. She then moved onto starring in Japanese commercials, and landed her first acting role in 1996 for the Japanese drama series, "Himawari." Matsushima went onto star in both "Ring" movie sequels, as well as the Japanese version of the movie "White Out."
  3. Miyazawa Rie. Interested in the entertainment business since the age of twelve, this top ten Japanese actress won awards from the Japanese Academy beginning in 1988. She has starred in many Japanese and American independent films, like "Twilight Samurai" and "Our Seven Days War." Miyazawa also works as a reporter, covering the annual Cannes Film Festival when her schedule allows.
  4. Fujiwara Norkia. This top ten Japanese actress is known more for her roles in television series and made-for-TV movies. Her work includes roles on "How to Marry a Millionaire" TV series, and the movie "Naomi" about a high school teacher is also a sexual predator toward her students. "China Strike Force", a US and Japanese made film, was one of her biggest roles to date.
  5. Koizumi Kyoko. One of Japan's first television actresses, Koizumi Kyoko starred in a number of TV dramas and independent films for more than twenty years. One of her well-known roles was as a villain in the 1997 film "Bayside Shakedown." This top ten Japanese actress turned 40 in 2006, and still participates in small roles made in her native land.
  6. Nakayama Miho. This top ten Japanese actress began her career as a pop singing idol in the 1980s. She first starred in several Japanese commercials before building her career as an established actress. Her breakout performance came with the 1995 movie "Love Letter", and then her TV movie role in "For You." Nakayama has starred in over 30 drama series and movies throughout her career.
  7. Kikukawa Rei. An actress known for her work in TV commercials, drama series and various dramatic movies, Kikukawa Rei is a household name throughout Japan. This top ten actress starred in the TV series "How to Marry a Millionaire," as well as Hollywood movies like "Gun Crazy" and "Double Deception." She is considered a classic Japanese beauty, and is often seen wearing a traditional kimono.
  8. Yonekura Ryoko. A top ten Japanese actress who's known for appearing in dozens of TV commercials, made-for-TV movies and major motion pictures, Yonekura Ryoko began acting at nineteen. She's starred in such movies as "Gun Crazy," "Homeless Girl," and "God of Love." Yonekura is a former ballerina and fashion icon as well, appearing on the covers of a number of magazines.
  9. Keiko Kitagawa. Beginning her career as a "Seventeen" magazine model, this top ten Japanese actress went on to star in the live action movie "Sailor Moon." She's also appeared in "Handsome Suit," "Dear Friends," and "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." Her latest television drama series role is on "Buzzer Beat."
  10. Yukie Nakama. This top ten Japanese actress is most famous for her movie role in "Shinobi," but has had roles in a variety of TV dramas and other movies. Yukie has also starred in the Japanese "Trick TV" series and adapted Trick movies, "The Ring" and "Gamera 3" which focuses on a popular, Godzilla-like Japanese monster.
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