Top 10 Jobs In Demand 2010

The top ten jobs in demand for 2010 are a response to recent changes in society. If you dedicate yourself to giving the public what they want, you can avoid unemployment concerns. however, many of these jobs require specialized training.

  1. Network systems and data communications analysts. These analysts are responsible for maintaining network and communication systems, such as Internet systems and local area networks. If you are aiming for this job, you may also lead a team of computer programmers. In the computer age, tech-savvy careers are frequently in demand jobs.
  2. Biomedical engineers. Biomedical engineers design and develop medical equipment for health facilities. They also design personal health devices, such as pacemakers, corrective lenses and artificial organs. Biomedical engineering jobs are in demand by government facilities, private companies or hospitals.   
  3. Environmental engineers. If you have a passion for protecting the environment and possess engineer skills, this in demand job may be ideal for you. Environmental engineers develop tools for managing problems in the environment. Their average salary ranges from $56,000 to $94,000.
  4. Substance abuse counselors. Substance abuse counselors help individuals overcome conditions such as alcohol and drug addiction. Counselors hold an average salary of approximately $40,000. A related occupation is behavioral disorder counseling.  
  5. Medical assistants. Consider becoming a medical assistant if you enjoy the hospital setting. Medical assistants provide general aid, performing tasks such as running diagnostic tests. A medical assistant’s salary can reach up to $74,000.
  6. Accountants. If you’re gifted in number crunching, perhaps you will want to pursue a career in accounting. Accountants help clients deal with the stressful money managing aspects of life. In some cases, companies looking to save money will hire accountants.
  7. Medical records technicians. Imagine all of the medical records floating around out there. Someone has to put them in order. That is where medical records technicians enter the picture, organizing records for companies.  
  8. Compliance director. Compliance directors exist to ensure that companies are following proper regulations. They may also interview employees to collect a list of possible safety risks. The salary for this in demand job may range from about $67,000 to $100,000.
  9. Fitness trainers. If you are interested in physical fitness, this may be the in demand job for you. Fitness trainers help individuals who are looking to improve their health. Trainers can make up to $26 an hour.  
  10. Dental hygienists. Do you have a passion for sticking your hand into oral cavities? Dental hygienists perform duties such as teeth cleaning and instructing patients on oral hygiene. Most of the time, they work for dentists, making up to $39 an hour. 
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