Top 10 Malaysian Indie Bands

These top 10 Malaysian indie bands are an unexpected surprise, as they sound as powerful as any famous band. They don't have to envy their Western counterparts. They are loved and have created a cult around them. If you want to enjoy some good music, check this list out.

  1. Pesawat A very popular Malaysian indie band that is starting to make big steps into different world scenarios. Fans are becoming even more eager to hear their songs with passing time. Some favorite singles are “Mirage” and “Excuse Me.”
  2. Broken Riffs Indie rock sounds awesome when a good Malaysian band comes to the stage and sets the mood. This band really never expected their career to be so successful. They all agree that playing music was just for fun, but this happy accident brought them to the spotlight.
  3. Hujan The boys met in Kuala Lumpur and since then they composed melodic songs. Listen to “Kaus Harus Ada” and you will think that they have a great potential, competing with any indie band around the world.
  4. Liyana Fizzi A gifted Malaysian girl with exquisite compositions. She doesn’t only make indie music, but tries to mix it with tones of bossa nova and jazz. Nice music comes out when she grabs her guitar and starts to sing, catching the attention of her fans that gladly await for her appearance.
  5. Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai They like to be called outrageous nicknames only to be recognized among the Martians. Yes, they consider it as being original. Their music sounds like that, too, and it’s cool to listen to their performance in “Don’t Panic, Let’s Picnic.” As an indie band, they give their touch to the Malaysian charts.
  6. Lucile With songs like “Bintang Hilang” and “End is Near,” this group shows the world that indie doesn’t only belong to United Kingdom and United States markets, but also to countries so far away with people that love this style of rock. You can clearly hear some influence like “Silverchair” or “The Verve” inside the mixture.
  7. Gigbag & The Throne Master These guys prefer to add a bit of suspense at the beginning of “Remember Tonight,” followed by a calm rhythm and quiet voice. This way, intimacy is brought to the flavor. Good thing they add lyrics in English so we can understand the meaning of their beautiful creation.
  8. Bittersweet Since 2006 this Malaysian indie band jumped to celebrity with the single “A Perfect Match.” This is another excellent group that started just by coincidence with only two members. Then, they met many more talented musicians and released an EP with very good feedback.
  9. Nitrus So much to say, this band has many years on the market with many songs to remember. They are a well-loved band all over Malaysia and abroad. They like to take their time to release good hits. Perfection is not a thing that you achieve easily and they proved it over and over throughout their prolific career.
  10. Lucy in the Loo If you want to enjoy a pleasant surprise from a great band full of musical quality, listen to these songs right away: “Some Kind of Chemistry,” “Not Even Mine,” “Seeing Stars” and “Reality Bites.”
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