Top 10 MBA Jobs

If you're considering pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree, then you're probably interested in knowing the top 10 MBA jobs. The in-depth knowledge and skills that MBA graduates possess make them attractive to a wide array of organizations, including businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit groups. If you plan to obtain an MBA, having an idea of the kind of job that you want or which career path you want to follow will help you focus on one of the degree's specialized concentrations.

  1. Entrepreneur/Business Owner. Whether you start your own business or buy an existing one, owning a business is the surest way to create wealth and earn a high income. It also gives you more freedom of action and, potentially, a more flexible work schedule.
  2. Consultant. This is a top MBA job for several reasons, particularly if you consult for a large, elite firm. First, you get some experience in many different facets of business. Second, you establish a multitude of networking contacts with important business people. This job also prepares MBA's for entrepreneurship, or gets them lucrative offers at firms where they served as consultants.
  3. Investment Banker. Despite the upheaval that this industry has experienced recently, investment banking is still a top MBA job. It gives you experience at the pinnacle of the financial world and puts you in contact with many wealthy, powerful people.
  4. Executive. This job could be at any level of management, but MBA's typically rise to the top of the corporate heap. Many of today's CEO's hold an MBA.
  5. Attorney. Many corporate lawyers hold MBA's. The specialized business acumen that comes from an MBA education makes these lawyers particularly well-suited for corporate law, one of the most lucrative and secure careers that an attorney can pursue.
  6. Financial Analyst. This is a top MBA job because people who work in this field have enormous influence on a firm's profitability. They also play an important part in the decisions regarding mergers, acquisitions, and financing, as well as being intimately involved in the implementation of these decisions.
  7. Certified Public Accountant. CPA's are paid extremely well. Because they understand business operations, CPA's with MBA's are paid even better, which makes this a top MBA job.
  8. Work for a Start-up. Positions with technology start-ups are always top MBA jobs, but even a job with a more traditional start-up can be a top MBA job, too. Working for a start-up often entails relatively low pay for a few years, but almost always gets you an ownership stake in the company, which can make you wealthy. Start-ups are always desperate for the vital knowledge and skills MBA's can provide, and they are usually willing to pay in the long term to lure MBA's to their business ventures.
  9. Marketing Manager. Marketing is often the life-blood for any business enterprise. No matter how efficiently a business operates, it can't make money if it doesn't sell its products. Anyone working in marketing who also understands business administration and operations is going to advance rapidly in both position and compensation.
  10. Manufacturing or Service Operations Manager. Running the operations function of a business is a top MBA job because an MBA prepares you for improving efficiency and reducing costs. It also allows you to combine functions such as quality assurance, planning, logistics, human resources, and research to maximize business synergy. MBA's who start out in operations usually advance rapidly to higher management levels.
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