Top 10 Men’s Fashion Brands

Curious about the top 10 men's fashion brands? The top 10 male fashion brands in the US have accrued handsome profits and a contented clientele. The worldwide men’s grooming market was estimated in 2009 at $19.7 billion. American male consumer tendency analysis has identified the top ten companies who capitalize on this general virile predilection.

  1. Ralph Lauren  tops the men’s fashion brand charts in male wear. Ralph Lauren is a US-based sought-out brand preferred by many men for its quality, design and chic. Ralph Lauren’s clothing carries a tag which bespeaks high-end fashion. Starting off as a tie industry, Ralph Lauren has expanded and diversified. Ralph Lauren has a market value of $11 billion.
  2. Diesel is a top men’s fashion designer brand bred in Italy and which sells to the world. Diesel remains a favorite with men in America. Fairly new, it has matured steadily to vibrant growth and respect.
  3. Calvin Klein is a popular top 10 fashion brand in style among the guys. Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, the parent company, has annexed Calvin Klein into its holdings. In 2008, Calvin Klein's proceeds stood at $5.8 billion, expanding from an American brand name to an international one.
  4. Gucci is a top men’s fashion luxury brand which claims the top shares on the global market. Gucci was named one of the best classic garment dealers in the world and sported an ample $4.5 billion in earnings in 2009. Gucci has reported a steady incline.
  5. Burberry Group, a deluxe British-owned fashion corporation, is a top fashion manufacturer among men. Burberry has released financial statements of steady incline with profits which mainly stem from US sales. It accrued £ 740,000,000, or $1.125 billion, in 2009, 25% of which resulted from America’s purchases.
  6. Nike is a top fashion brand in vogue among men in the US. The Nike check has become almost universal. Nike has reported steady growth over the past ten years. Thirty-four percent of Nike's revenue comes from US domestic sales.
  7. True Religion is truly a top men’s fashion brand, especially in view of the past season’s sales performance. In 2009, the US True Religion market generated world net sales set at $311 million.
  8. Abercrombie & Fitch is a top 10 fashion brand and a booming men’s garment conglomerate that brought in $936 million in 2009. Abercrombie & Fitch manages a chain of 1,125 stores throughout America.
  9. Harley Davidson is another top company in masculine clothing. In 2008, Harley Davidson released a sales revenue of $654.7 million.
  10. Giorgio Armani ranks among the top 10 fashion brands. Armani is an Italian luxury fashion which has a faithful male following among male Americans. Like Gucci, Armani is rated among the top global brands. Armani has established approximately 2,000 stores worldwide with yearly revenue amounting to around $1 billion.


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