Top 10 Mob Movies

Looking for a list of the top 10 mob movies of all time? Well, that's great because this article will provide you with a list of the top 10 mob movies voted by various sources around the web. While action movies are great, nothing grabs your action like those Mafia mob movies. These movies are sure to leave you hanging on for more, keep you interested in their love triangles and make you feel like a boss just watching these mob movies!

  1. "The Untouchables" – 1987. This movie takes place in Chicago during the 1930's when the world would have believed everything was clean, untouched and wholesome. That is, until a federal agent teams up with an old cop to eventually bring down the ring leader of the mob, Al Capone. This is one mob movie that definitely makes the cut!
  2. "Casino" – 1995. This is another great mob movie to add to your list. This place is about the power and money that stems from deception and murder over a lover and gambling. It's an intense mob drama that will leave you wanting more.
  3. "Donnie Brasco" – 1997. This mob movie was inspired from true events that took place. This movie follows an undercover federal agent who infiltrates the mob and finds himself questioning his morals regarding the Mafia and betrayal of his job. It's another intense mob movie that leaves you wanting more!
  4. "A Bronx Tale" – 1993. This movie shows the struggle between a boy living in the Bronx who gets involved with the mob and his father's love for the boy to want what is best for him. In between the struggle, both learn life lessons along the way. If you want a real life mob drama, this is the one for you.
  5. "Goodfellas" – 1990. If you want sex, drama, drugs and Mafia wars – this is the movie for you. This mob drama follows a half-Irish and half-Italian man who is ten years deep into the mob with hopes of trying to get out. It's one of the best mob movies ever made.
  6. "The Godfather Trilogy" – 1972 – 1990. This is the most popular mob movie ever made in the history of time. This mob drama records the Corleone family as they rise and fall in the world of organized crime. It's a powerful mob movie.
  7. "Miller's Crossing" – 1990. This is yet another intense Mafia mob movie set up to honestly make you feel as if you were in the mob yourself. An associate to a crime boss tries to keep the peace between the cops and the mob. The adventures of this man get caught in the crossfire.
  8. "White Heat" -1949. This is a very old mob movie, but still a great one. An undercover cop saves the life of a heartless gang leader, which happens to be one of his own henchmen. It's a double crossing scheme like no other mob movie.
  9. "Once Upon a Time In America" – 1984. This movie is a mob classic. A tale of a Jewish group of gangsters in New York go through their glory years of organized crime. It's a mob movie you will never forget.
  10. "Scarface" – 1983. Everyone knows this mob movie, for even though "The Godfather" was a great mob movie, most people will say Tony Montana was the most popular movie-made mob boss. The Cuban immigrant comes to America for a piece of the American life only to find drugs, guns and money.
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