Top 10 Most Depressing Movies

Films are made to move you and sometimes in a sad direction, these are the top ten most depressing movies of all time.

  1. "Requeim for a Dream" – The last 30 minutes alone are some of the most depressing images of filmmaking let alone embracing the entire movie. This film just shows people at the verge of their worst and shows it in the most extreme way ever. They probably go beyond the comprehensible, but Requiem is a movie that you don't need to see if you want to be in a happy place, which makes it the most depressing movie ever.

  2. "Leaving Las Vegas" – Drinking yourself to death has never looked more depressing than Nicolas Cage showing us first-hand. With his prostitute companion looking on and unable to help him, this film just has depressing written all over it. One of the most depressing movies of all time, "Leaving Las Vegas" shows the depth of a person's drive to self-annihilation.

  3. "The Deer Hunter" – Where else can you see long lasting friendship diminish over time? Go through war and experience what it has to offer and see if you're the same person again. Christopher Walken definitely proved that war can change a person's perception of reality and drive them into a world of depression dragging others down with them.

  4. "Old Boy" – Revenge is sometimes sweet, but sometimes it can be the most calculating way to destroy someone and yourself. "Old Boy" shows revenge in a horrendous manor while giving great entertainment. The end of this film is just so mind blowing that it just turns to ridiculousness with its depressing end of the main character, which makes this one of the most depressing movies ever.

  5. "The Mist" – Don't let what others say fool you. "The Mist" is a great film to watch, but has one of the most depressing endings of all. The film in general is a mystery in itself, but the end just captivates what the feeling of the film had at the back of your mind. How would everyone survive the mist? Only you can watch this to see the ending otherwise it just ruins the moment.

  6. "Million Dollar Baby" – If you haven't seen this movie don't read on, but if you have then you know how sad this story is. All that work for nothing, the training, the nagging to know how to box only to end up a vegetable. The relationship that Eastwood and Swank provide us is great and to see the way it ends just makes this film ever more depressing.

  7. "The Road" – A journey between a father and son couldn't be any more depressing that what is depicted in "The Road." The world has seen the apocalypse and everyone is striving to do what they have to do to survive in a depressingly bleak world. Going down the unknown road and where it will lead, this is one of the most depressing films all the way through.

  8. "Up In The Air" – In times like these, this film hits many that can relate to its depressing subplot of unemployment. Not only does it have ties to unemployment, but hints of loneliness, choices and consequences. Clooney's lifestyle is depressing and pile up all the other problems that the characters endure, well then you have one of the most depressing movies made.

  9. "American Beauty" – Lester Burnham just can't get a break with his life, but sometimes you just have to do what you want to really be happy. But was Lester truly happy or was he just some shell of life? Lester's life before he decided to go all rebellious was pretty depressing and maybe it was just everyone around him that was bringing him down in their own depressed worlds.

  10. "The Notebook" – What's sadder than watching old people struggle? "Requiem for a Dream" perhaps, but then there was some old lady struggling in that too. This film takes on the depressing note of love and the lengths you will go to fight for it. Only to end in tragedy, this film depicts some really depressing moments, especially at the end.

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