Top 10 Movies For Boys

If you’re having trouble finding a movie for a boy, here are the top 10 movies for boys. Girls are generally a little easier to find movies for, so it’s understandable to get stuck on finding a movie for a boy.

  1. "Star Wars" movies. It's practically impossible to go wrong with any movie from the popular "Star Wars" movies. Boys are enchanted by the idea of aliens and unheard of planets. The original movies are timeless and will be well loved, despite the somewhat cheesy special effects. The newer movies are excellent as well.
  2. "James Bond" movies. What boy doesn't think that spies are cool? Between all of the high speed chases, the diabolical plots and the cool gadgets, the "James Bond" movies are sure to entertain a boy of any age. Not to be forgotten, is that James Bond is a womanizer, so there are sexually suggestive scenes in these movies.
  3. "Air Bud." This new classic will delight people of any age. The classic story of a boy and his dog. Add a little suspense and a bad guy, and you've got the perfect movie for a boy.
  4. "The Rookie." "The Rookie" is a movie about baseball, and based on a true story. Determination is a prevalent theme in this movie. Despite the sports backdrop, The Rookie is sure to delight even a person who doesn't care for sports. 
  5. "Remember The Titans." Also based on a true story, "Remember the Titans" is a football based movie. This movie is about a high school football coach who brings a team of black and white players together in a time when racial tensions were running high. The end is a little sad, but the movie as a whole is uplifting.
  6. "Back To The Future." "Back To The Future" is a timeless classic that any boy is sure to enjoy. With Michael J. Fox in one of his most famous roles, this movie plays on every boy's wonder at the concept of some sort of time machine. "Back To The Future" is an excellent choice for a good, clean family movie.
  7. "Mrs. Doubtfire." "Mrs. Doubtfire" is a wonderful comedy about a father who will do anything to see his kids, including dressing up as a woman to be their new nanny. There's a lot of physical comedy in this movie, which is probably why it appeals to boys so much. There is also an evident theme of boundless fatherly love as well.
  8. "Napoleon Dynamite." "Napoleon Dynamite" became an instant cult classic as soon as it was released. This movie follows a loveable, unpopular boy in high school. He makes new friends and has an odd family, to say the least. As this is a movie about high schoolers, it may not be appropriate for younger boys.
  9. "Independence Day." This classic movie is about an alien invasion. Will Smith is a pilot who teams up with Jeff Goldblum's character to save the world. As there is some violence and a little bit of strong language, supervision is recommended for younger boys.
  10. "Men In Black." "Men In Black" is another excellent Will Smith movie that boys love. Aliens are also a major element of this movie. There are scenes that younger boys may consider scary, but once they realize that it's all pretend, this movie will quickly become a favorite.
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