Top 10 Movies For a Sick Day

Getting sick is awesome. You don't have to go to work, AND you can just lie around all day at home. But how to fill all those lazy hours? The movies need to be good, obviously. But they can't require too much thought or patience – save that for when you're at 100%. Here's a list of the top 10 Sick Day Movies to help you decide.

  1. "Duck Soup" All of the Marx Bros. movies are worth seeing, but this one makes the list of best sick day movies because it's all killer and no filler – you won't have to look for the remote and go through all the effort of fast-forwarding through any boring musical sequences. And the jokes fly so fast that if you miss 2 or 3 during the space of a sneeze (which is entirely possible) it's OK, there's another half-dozen more coming at you.
  2. "The Apartment" One of the best ways to cope with a crippling cold is to remember that you're not alone. For much of "The Apartment," Jack Lemmon is suffering from the mother of all colds, so sniffle away, lazy audience member. More importantly – not only is this one of the best sick day movies but it's one of the best movies of all time. It's worth seeing whether you're totally healthy or knocking on death's door.
  3. "Planet of the Apes" "It's a mad house! A maaaad houuuuse!" This and many other singular moments in "Planet of the Apes" are perfect to be experienced in the near-hallucinogenic haze of a high fever, which makes it one of the best sick day movies.
  4. "The Godfather" You know it by heart, you like it better than entire swaths of your extended family, so what's stopping it from being one of the best sick day movies? At this point, it's like the cinematic equivalent of chicken noodle soup. And you're the only one home, so you can slurp all you want (we don't know what this means)!
  5. "Star Wars" Speaking of cinematic chicken noodle soup. Nothing clears up a case of the sniffles like watching Darth Vader deal with his own respiratory problems. Also, lightsabers.
  6. "Airplane" The best sick day movie to feature Otto the inflatable auto-pilot is kind of like an '80s "Duck Soup." The jokes just keep coming and coming without any pesky "plot" or "characters" that you need to keep up with. Don't be afraid to chuckle at your own never-got-out-of-bed semi-nudity when Peter Graves utters the immortal question, "have you ever seen a grown man naked?" It's perfectly natural.
  7. "Predator" The pinnacle of the big dumb shirtless action movie genre is also one of the best sick day movies, because you don't have to think while watching it. Just sit back and let the plot carry you from explosion, to killing, to more killing, then to more explosions, to the end.
  8. "The Running Man" "What? Two Ahhhnuld movies in one list of the best sick day movies?" Yes. And this one is even better because it has even less plot than "Predator" does. It's basically just a series of fights with various power-suited bad guys, with Richard Dawson hanging out too. It's like you fell asleep in between Family Feud and American Gladiator!
  9. "The Doors" This may seem like an odd selection, but stay with us here. It's got a hallucinogenic, hypnotic vibe that is perfect for people who just want to zone out and not think for a couple hours, i.e., the sick. Plus if you watch while sick you can decrease the chance that you come away with the feeling that The Doors ARE THE GREATEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME because you'll be asleep for some of it.
  10. "The Room" Maybe you're just sick of good movies. In this case, watch "The Room," which, while no one's idea of a good movie, it might be one of the best sick day movies ever made. You'll be wondering if you're actually awake not just during parts of it, but during the entire damn movie.
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