Top 10 Mystery Movies

Spanning from the film noir of old all the way up to today, the top tem mystery movies cover a wide range of storylines and settings. Often coming in series with one detective or protagonist at the center of each movie, they have produced some of the most identifiable movie characters of all time. Though often under appreciated, you can get your feet wet in the mystery movie genre with these ten great films.

  1. “Gaslight.” Set in the Victorian era and starring the legendary Ingrid Bergman, “Gaslight” is a must-see psychological mystery movie. Its gloomy setting and gothic feel are the essence of what critics refer to as “film noir”.
  2. “Notorious.” Made by the mystery and suspense master Alfred Hitchcock, “Notorious” combines a love affair with a gripping secret ops mission.
  3. “In the Heat of the Night.” A detective story in its purest form, the movie’s taut plotline will keep you guessing.
  4. “Dirty Harry.” The first in a series of films that would come to define actor Clint Eastwood’s career, “Dirty Harry” is a mystery movie of the edgiest persuasion. The super-cop and his .44 magnum clean the streets with a sense of moral ambiguity that’s intriguing to say the least.
  5. “The French Connection.” This film will strike you as both jarring and authentic. Starring Gene Hackman as a rule-bending police officer, its fast paced storyline blends action and mystery with precision.
  6. “North by Northwest.” Another highly acclaimed Hitchock mystery movie, the climax of “North by Northwest” has become one of the most recognizable scenes in movie history. It was Cary Grant’s last-and arguably best-leading role in a Hitchock movie.
  7. “Fargo.” The Coen brothers outdid themselves with this Oscar winning mystery movie. A kidnapping story set in icy North Dakota, the film blends a dense, dramatic plot with gut-busting dark humor.
  8. “Se7en.” Starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, this is one mystery movie that isn’t for the faint of heart. Both very graphic and more than a little terrifying, you will be gasping and guessing through the final scene.
  9. “Mulholland Drive.” This mystery movie is known for its convoluted nature. It isn’t a mystery in the traditional sense, as the story is a little surrealistic. Regardless, its unconventionality makes “Mulholland Drive” worth your time.
  10.  “Memento.” This film has an interesting narrative style. It stars Guy Pearce as an amnesia sufferer out for justice. Not much more can be said about this mystery movie’s gripping twists and turns, except that you should see them for yourself. 
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