Top 10 Popular Indie Bands

The top 10 popular indie bands often march to the beat of their own drum. Indie bands typically keep a low profile. Having success as a groundbreaking artist is what really matters to these bands. Here are the top ten most popular indie bands that are rocking out today.

  1. Arcade Fire Arcade Fire gets their point across with pounding guitar riffs and straightforward beats. Lyrics pour out of them like blood from a bleeding heart. They choreograph each song with the poignancy of a ballet.  As the intensity of a track builds, Arcade Fire becomes one, attacking the sound like an army. Their sound is honest and rounded.
  2. Animal Collective Flying under the indie radar as a band with experimental sounds, they perked the ears of listeners on occasion. Animal Collective displays their ability to experiment with assorted sounds, distorting them to new levels. Animal Collective doesn't simply experiment for the sake of experimenting. They maintain beautiful melody in otherwise not so beautiful sounds.
  3. Pavement Pavement has seemingly been around since the dawn of indie rock time. Their ability to keep their signature garage punk rock sound throughout each album has been what has led this band to success. Pavement reminds listeners, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Now they are back reminding fans why they fell in love with them in the first place.
  4. The Strokes The Strokes have effortlessly grasped the hearts of all indie rockers on this planet. Like a nonchalant pet that we always want to play with, The Strokes barely wag their tales and we are devoted. Each note played perfectly, each build-up planned flawlessly, each chord planned tediously, The Strokes' sound is almost compulsively perfect. Julian Casablancas' waning voice gives off their signature "I don't care" vibe, but the rest of the music carries the band's sound over the edge and into the hearts of all indie rockers. 
  5. Of Montreal Their sound is experimental by nature and extremely difficult to grasp with mere words. Each songs has a distinct sound that plays with the ears of listeners. The band merely plays back up to the lead singer's, Kevin Barnes, eccentric personality. Each album released unleashes a new character that Barnes has dreamed up. He commits the sound of the band and the personality of the band wholeheartedly.
  6. Sufjan Stevens Folky with a hint of orchestration. That combination was a new one 2005 when Sufjan Stevens presented his album "Illinois." He attempted to bottle this folk sound, but at the same time, document the world around him. Stevens' beautiful and emotional vocals eloquently float over his well-orchestrated backgrounds. The giant sounds that he produces still remain intimate in nature.
  7. Phoenix Tugging at the souls of many listeners, Phoenix tackles many issues in all walks of life. They seemingly have the formula for commercial success, but deliberately choose independence. They use almost encrypted lyrics to accompany their very popular sound in order to refrain from mainstream-ism.
  8. The Walkmen Their confidence in their sound is what makes them one of the leading bands on the indie forefront. Piano is one of their signature sounds as they brutishly deliver beats and unapologetically play their hearts out. The lead singer's vocal range only lends itself to the importance of each note, each riff and each beat.
  9. Gorillaz Never has their been a fictional band with so much nonfiction success. With the release of their latest album, it has become increasingly clear that Gorillaz is no longer a band made up of cartoon characters singing pop-esque songs, rather they are a compilation of different artist trying out different ideas.
  10. LCD Soundsystem Indie music can often times take itself a little too seriously. LCD Soundsystem brings to the table a fun, electric, disco-blip, stuff of legend. They make their points in a tongue-in-cheek way that only LCD Soundsystem can pull off. But seriously, they are an unstoppable indie band.
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