Top 10 Red-Headed Actresses

There's nothing like a list of the top 10 red-headed actresses to spice up your day. Red hair may not be everyone's cup of tea, but these women will leave no one complaining. And oh yeah, only natural red-headed actresses allowed.

  1. Isla Fisher– We all fell in love with her in Wedding Crashers, but Fisher has a long list of films in which to admire her. The Australian native even has a sense of humor as she is engaged to the one and only Sacha Baron Cohen. The beautiful Fisher is the cream of the crop when it comes to hot red-headed actresses.
  2. Amy Adams– Adams is quickly becoming a leading lady in Hollywood, starring in several Oscar nominated films. Aside from her acting chops, the red-headed beauty is pretty easy on the eyes.
  3. Alyson Hannigan– The bad news is that it doesn't appear there will be anymore American Pie movies. The good news is that we can now watch Hannigan on a  good TV show, How I Met Your Mother.
  4. Julianne Moore– Moore posts more acting creds than any red-head actress on this list. She also pulls off the red hair look flawlessly.
  5. Christina Hendricks– Hendricks has been gaining attention as a star on the hit show Mad Men. Some of also been noticing a certain part of her anatomy. Either way, Hendricks is definitely one of the top red-headed actresses.
  6. Debra Messing– Messing rose to fame as Grace from Will & Grace. Since then, she's been in movies here and there. But after all this time, she still looks good.
  7. Laura Prepon– You remember her as the tall drink of water from That 70's Show. That show is no more, but Prepon has done some guest spots on TV, including How I Met Your Mother, which gave us, at least for one episode, a double dose of red-heads.
  8. Nicole Kidman– If mature, elegant, and sophisticated is what your going for, look no further than Kidman, the Oscar winning red-headed actress.
  9. Marcia Cross– Another reason to watch Desperate Housewives, because we know you had so many.
  10. Lindsay Lohan– This one is debatable because Lohan has well, seen her fair share of ups and downs. If she ever gets back to her Mean Girls days, she'll remain as one of the top red-headed actresses.
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