Top 10 Rock Indie Bands

The top 10 indie rock bands have always held a unique position in the music industry,  finding success without the help of radio play and Billboard charts. When counting down the best indie rock bands to make their debut in the music scene, there are 10 bands that stand out in terms of their success and musical talent.

  1. Death Cab for Cutie. Seattle based band Death Cab for Cutie have long been a staple in the indie music scene, making them the number one choice when counting down the top 10 indie rock bands. Songwriter Ben Gibbard possesses an almost unreal ability to form poetic, heartstopping lyrics of both the somber and sweet variety. Death Cab for Cutie was a bit of a sleeper hit band until they reached mass popularity with the song "Soul Meets Body."
  2. The Shins. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Shins are another band that have helped shape the face of indie rock. Their album "Wincing the Night Away" is a must-have on every hipsters iPod, as this bands poppy beats and sing-song vocals make The Shins stand out against the more melancholy bands in the indie movement. Songs like "Australia" and "Gone for Good" are among some of the band's best and highlight their musical talent.
  3. Modest Mouse. Modest Mouse is among one of the oldest and most successful indie bands around, with the height of their popularity coming from their hit single "Float On." Singer Isaac Brock's unique singing voice combined with the loud, ruckus filled instrumentals of their music make Modest Mouse another staple band in the indie scene.
  4. Tegan and Sara. Identical twins Tegan and Sara combine their childlike voices with acoustic riffs and heartbreaking lyrics to make some of the best female indie music available in the scene. Commonly featured on the hit show "Grey's Anatomy," these indie darlings have found success with songs like "Where Does the Good Go" and "Back in Your Head."
  5. Bright Eyes. With a cult-like following and several high selling albums, Bright Eyes is yet another staple in the indie rock scene. From sad songs like "It's Cool, We Can Still be Friends" to happy, sappy love songs like "First Day of My Life," Bright Eyes has something for every mood.
  6. Cursive. Carried on the same record label as Bright Eyes, Cursive is a more experimental band and is one of the strangest, most eccentric bands to find success in the indie rock genre. Combining brass ensembles with cellos and guitar, some of the band's highlights include "Art is Hard" and "Dorothy at Forty."
  7. Arctic Monkeys. UK darlings Arctic Monkeys are a newer addition to the indie rock scene, but have found a substantial amount of popularity in Europe and America with songs like "Mardy Bum" and "Leave Before the Lights Come On."
  8. The Decemberists. Possibly the most unique sounding band on this list, The Decemberists are a story-telling band that stand out as one of the few modern bands to feature an accordian in their music. Highlights of their career include "O Valencia" and "16 Military Wives."
  9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Another female fronted band on this countdown, New York based Yeah Yeah Yeahs were some of the pioneers of the modern indie rock movement. The band reached mass success with their song "Maps" which hit the Billboard charts and had a top video on MTV.
  10. The White Stripes. The White Stripes are possibly the most successful band to come from an indie background, as they are just as well known for their music as they are for their controversy. From the start of their career with hits like "Fell in Love With a Girl" to more recent hits like "Blue Orchid," The White Stripes are an indie band that will likely have a career that continues for years to come.
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