Top 10 Scariest Movies Of All Time

The Top 10 Scariest Movies of All-Time are comprised of movies which, quite literally, will have you turning on the lights and locking all of the doors. From the mind-bending to the outright scary, the 10 Scariest Movies of All-Time is not something to take lightly. Reflect on these thoughts and hopefully they will not leave you scarred for life upon watching them.

  1. "Paranormal Activity" – It is one of the scariest movies ever with its realistic theme and paranormal ambience. More movies need to pick up on this type of filmmaking to create a new genre of scary movies.
  2. "Saw" – A creepy guy captures people and locks them up, how can this not be one of the scariest movies of all-time? Saw 2 may be the best but when Saw 1 burst on the scene, people were absolutely shocked at its gruesomeness.
  3. "Scream" – The original psychological thriller. Before this, nobody even thought about normal people stalking their houses and trying to kill them. At least, not in actuality. This movie is one of the scariest of all-time because it isn't about monsters and focuses on real people killing real people.
  4. "Halloween" – If the music alone doesn't make you pee your pants, you are not watching it right. Michael Myers is a creepy man and will freak you out every time he appears behind someone. In a battle royale, Michael would crush the competition.
  5. "Candyman" – This man cannot be left out. Even to this day kids are afraid to go into the bathroom and have the lights go out on them. "Bloody Mary" only lives on because the Candyman lets her. Once you watch this, your bathroom experiences will seem much more awkward.
  6. "The Ring" – This is the original (kind of), before all the crappy movies tried to mimic it. One of the first American films to re-vamp a Japanese horror flick, it set a high standard in the genre. There is a video tape, once you watch it, you will die in 7 days. Once you start it, you cannot stop it. This movie was mind-bending and absolutely brutal. The creepy girl in it makes you want to go hide in a hole although you already know she will probably find you.
  7. "Hostel" – More real-worldliness in the scariest movies of all-time. Foreign countries scare a lot of people and this movie does absolutely nothing to help the cause. Imagine going to a third-world country only to become hostage to a group who lets you know beforehand that they plan to kill you. This took horror to a whole new level when it came out.
  8. "Psycho" – The original, not that horrible remake later on. This Hitchcock piece was the originator of horror and is technically the basis for real-world horror. Without this, Hostel and Scream movies wouldn't be what they are today. The shower scene will quite possibly be one of the most remembered moments in any of the scariest movies of all-time list.
  9. "Friday The 13th 2" – Part one is absolutely horrible, skip it and move on to number two. What makes number two rank higher in the scariest movies of all-time list is that this is the first real introduction of Jason, the horrible and scary killer that has given all of us nightmares. The first one was a delusional woman, this one contains the real horror.
  10. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" – Freddy had to round out the scariest movies of all-time list because, well, he is Freddy. You will laugh at a lot of this but don't discredit exactly how scary he can be. Any person who can haunt you in your mind is a bad ass and deserves to be treated like one. Freddy will definitely keep you up because sleep seems like a bad choice after an Elm Street flick.

Those are a hefty list of screamers compiled as the scariest movies of all time. If you are able to get through all of them without a scream, shiver or look away, you should congratulate yourself as impervious to pain and horrible at suspending belief. You've all been warned.

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