Top 10 Sexiest Women

The top 10 sexiest women have a mix of beauty, sex appeal and a perfect figure while remaining classy and poised. Many women who look sexy upon first look lose some of the appeal over time thanks to their personalities. These women remain sexy and stand tall above the rest regardless of how long they remain in the public eye.

  1. Scarlett Johansson – Scarlett Johansson is a movie star that has appeared in movies such as “Lost in Translation,” “Match Point” and “Iron Man 2.” She remains one of the sexiest women alive and has been named in numerous “hot lists” by magazines and websites. She will be next seen in “The Avengers.”
  2. Katy Perry – Katy Perry is a pop star and singer who remains one of the sexiest women alive. She is best known for her poppy songs, her unusual dress style that pays homage to various eras in time and her recent marriage to Russell Brand. She has appeared in FHM magazines sexiest women lists for two years as of 2010.
  3. Kelly Brook – Kelly Brook is a model who used her fame to parlay into a television and movie career. Brook is one of the world’s sexiest women, her sexiest role coming in the horror-comedy “Piranha 3-D” which included prolonged nude scenes of the actress.
  4. Olivia Wilde – Olivia Wilde began her career with supporting appearances in films such as “The Girl Next Door” and “Alpha Dog.” She became famous thanks to her role on the TV series “House.” However, she proved to be one of Hollywood’s sexiest women with her skin tight outfit in “Tron: Legacy.”
  5. Gemma Arterton – Gemma Arterton got her breakout in the British film “St. Trinian’s” and moved on to star in three consecutive blockbusters: “Prince of Persia,” “Clash of the Titans” and “Quantum of Solace.” She is one of the sexiest women working in Hollywood and, at 25, is just getting started.
  6. Olivia Munn – Olivia Munn is one of the sexiest women who also happens to be a geek. Munn got her start in straight to DVD movies and music videos but became popular thanks to her hosting the G4 series, “Attack of the Show,” a series devoted to videogames.
  7. Amber Heard – Amber Heard appeared in the 2011 Nic Cage movie “Drive Angry 3-D” and immediately shot to the top of the charts as one of the sexiest women in film. While she has appeared in other films, her appearance in short shorts and tight fitting tops in the Cage movie makes her the object of many young men’s lust.
  8. Odette Yustman – While the horror movie “The Unborn” was a poorly received movie, one of the best things about the film was the poster with Odette Yustman standing with her back to the camera, wearing panties and a shirt. One of the sexiest women in Hollywood, Yustman also appeared in the horror film “Cloverfield.”
  9. Eliza Dushku – Eliza Dushku won over fanboys hearts the world over with her portrayal of Faith in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Dushku remains one of the sexiest women in the world and has since appeared in TV shows like “Dollhouse” and “Tru Calling.”
  10. Ali Larter – Ali Larter and Eliza Dushku shared the screen together in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” with the notable scenes involving them in cat suits. However, Ali Larter remains one of the sexiest women in the world thanks to her whip cream bikini in “Varsity Blues.”
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