Top 10 Skateboard Deck Brands

With such a wide variety of skateboard decks to choose from, it helps to know the top ten skateboard deck brands. These deck brands are well known for a reason, and are both durable and artistically designed. Here are the top ten skateboard deck brands and bit of information on each.

  1. Element. Without a doubt, Element is one of the best known skateboard decks featured on the list of top ten skateboard deck brands. This is a company that sponsors high profile skaters such as Bam Margera among many others. Just one testament to the popularity and style of this skateboard brand.
  2. Plan B. Plan B skateboards are known for their simple design and reliability. Relatively new to the skating industry, Plan B sponsors many well known skaters.
  3. Real. Real skateboards offer one of the largest selections of all the companies on our list of top ten skateboard deck brands. Literally hundreds of different styles, colors, and patterns are offered through Real skateboards, making them a skate collectors dream come true.
  4. Flip. Flip skateboard designs are bright and colorful, yet designed artistically simple. Flip is known for producing quality decks at prices that are below the industry standard.
  5. Blind. Blind skateboard decks are highly popular for their unique grim reaper design. If there is such a thing as "cute goth," the little grim reaper on each board is it. There are many different styles, designs, and materials to choose from when selecting a Blind skateboard deck, which makes them one of the most successful companies on the list of top ten skateboard deck brands.
  6. Birdhouse. Birdhouse is unique in that it is owned and operator by a skateboarder Tony Hawk.  Virtually everyone is familiar with the success of Tony Hawk as a skater, and once they use a Birdhouse deck, they'll be sold on his product too.
  7. Zero. Zero skateboards are edgy, artistic, and have a touch of gothic influence. More than just uniquely designed, this is a company that manufacturers well made, dependable skateboards too.
  8. Sucker. Another lesser known entry on the list of top ten skateboard deck brands is Sucker. Sucker has an elite collection of skateboard decks that are well made, and colorfully designed.
  9. Habitat.  Habitat may be one of the least known on the list of top ten skateboard deck brands, but they shouldn't be counted out. There work consists of quality decks with original, handmade designs.
  10. Alien Workshop. Alien Workshop is an innovative company, creating unusual designs for their skateboard decks which some may consider works of art in themselves. This company is unique in that they offer "nice price" decks that use less ink, and can be sold at a lower price.
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