Top 10 Supermodels

These top 10 supermodels have incredible looks and stunning bodies. The women below are beautiful models who exude massive sex appeal. Some have been around for decades, while other women are relatively new to the modeling scene, but all have established themselves as the world’s most glamorous of supermodels.

  1. Gisele Bundchen. With her long golden locks and sexy Brazilian accent, Gisele is the epitome of glamour and sex appeal. She always dresses to impress and never has a bad hair day. Even after having children, her body has stayed perfect, and she remains a top supermodel.
  2. Heidi Klum. With all her “Top Model” shows and TV hosting appearances, people almost forget that she first got her break solely from modeling. Still one of the most famous and glamorous of supermodels, this blonde German beauty has both looks and talent.
  3. Bar Rafaeli. This Israeli beauty has been in a number of magazines including “Sports Illustrated.” She has is known for her lighter hair and cute freckles, along with a ridiculously perfect body. She’s also dating Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for his fondness for famous supermodels.
  4. Elle Macpherson. Elle has been around for a long time, but her beauty has not faded in the passing years. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed Australian beauty stands as an iconic sex symbol and one of the top supermodels.
  5. Kate Moss. Despite controversy over her drug habits, Kate remains one of the top supermodels. She roared onto the scene in the 1990s and even now, she still stands as one of the highest paid supermodels and is highly sought after by designers.
  6. Naomi Cambell. She may have an affinity for throwing cell phones at her assistants, but her intense beauty and successful modeling career overrides her possible insanity. Her intense gaze and perfect gazelle-like body make her one of the most glamorous of supermodels.
  7. Marissa Miller. This “Sports Illustrated” supermodel exudes a more girl-next-door type of glamour. She is often seen tan and in a bikini and makes the perfect athletic beach bunny.
  8. Cindy Crawford. Cindy epitomizes classic American beauty. From her big smile and long brown hair to her famous beauty mark, this top supermodel exudes sex appeal while still appearing more down-to-earth.
  9. Adriana Lima. She is best known as one of the key supermodels in “Victoria’s Secret” lingerie collection. Her dark complexion contrasted by bright blue eyes make her a stunning and glamorous supermodel.
  10. Chanel Iman. This American supermodel is also known for her work at “Victoria’s Secret.” She has since graced the covers of many fashion magazines. Her African American and Korean heritage give her an exotic quality and help make her one of the top new supermodels.
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