Top 10 Thriller Movies Of 2008

The top 10 thriller movies of 2008 includes comic book adaptations and remakes of classic thriller movies. The greatest thrillers don’t win many prestigious awards but they live as some of the favorite genre movies for fans everywhere. From rescuing a loved one to running for your life, the thriller movie presents excitement for everyone.

  1. “The Dark Knight”- Christopher Nolan directed this, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. Nolan reinvented the Batman franchise with “Batman Begins” and perfected the comic book movie with this sequel. The movie is less a super hero movie and more of a crime thriller and one of the best movies of 2008.
  2. “Iron Man”- Robert Downey Jr. stars in this comic book adaptation, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. Tony Stark is a rich weapon’s developer who builds himself a suit of armor and fights crime. While “The Dark Knight” presents super heroes in the real world, “Iron Man” gives the world a fun look at the comic book world.
  3. “Taken”- Liam Neeson stars in this surprise hit, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. Neeson plays a former CIA agent whose daughter is kidnapped on a trip to Europe. He then travels to Europe to find the men responsible and get his daughter back in an over-the-top orgy of violence.
  4. “The Incredible Hulk”- Ed Norton is the third man to play the Incredible Hulk and the result is one of the top thriller movies of 2008. Louis Leterrier takes over the reins of the “Hulk” franchise with this movie and eliminates the angst of the Ang Lee movie, instead turning it into a thrill ride.
  5. “Cloverfield”- Taking a cue from “The Blair Witch Project,” “Cloverfield” employs a hand held camera and first person perspective to create one of the top thriller movies of 2008. A group of friends are partying when giant monsters attack New York City and they find themselves on the run, doing whatever it takes to stay alive.
  6. “Wanted”- Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov helms this comic book adaptation, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. Flipping the comic book movie on its head, we follow a group of super villains who control the world from the point of view of the son of a legendary super villain receiving the keys to the universe.
  7. “Eagle Eye”- D.J. Caruso and Shia LaBeouf team up for their second attempt at Hitchcock in this, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. In a loose retelling of “North by Northwest,” the movie shows a normal man thrown into a very abnormal situation as LaBeouf finds himself on the run from the police for a crime he didn’t commit.
  8. “Jumper” - Doug Liman, the man behind “The Bourne Identity,” directs this super hero off-take, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. The movie presents Hayden Christensen as a young man who can teleport anywhere he knows and an organization that wants him dead.
  9. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”- Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas return for the fourth outing of Indiana Jones, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. While it is the lowest rated of the Indiana Jones franchise, it retains the fun thrills of the first three movies and sets up a character who can possibly carry on the fedora.
  10. “The International”- Clive Owen and Naomi Watts star in this movie, one of the top thriller movies of 2008. Owen plays an Interpol agent who attempts to bring down one of the world’s largest powerful banks, one who finances terrorists. The best scene is the shoot out in the Guggenheim Museum.



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